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14 Jun 2009 17:33:

Hi Stewart

Yes the same happened to us.  We booked with DoyouSpain in March for rental of car for 5 days (4 days if you count the fact we arrived late Wednesday night and returned car at 8 o'clock this morning).  In March we paid 66.28 euros for Ford Fusion 5 door or similar.

When we arrived at Auriga Crown we were told they have no car and to go to Goldcar and we were dismissed.  At Goldcar we had to pay 126 euros for car plus 60 for fuel plus 8 for diesel plus 30 for seguro relax (whatever that is)  plus 30.90 IVA - grand total 224 euros!!!  To say I was covered in a red mist of fury was an understatement.  To top it all we queued for ages and just we  went  to the counter some german 'gentleman' pushed in front of us.

We have telephoned DoyouSpain  umpteen times and promises are made they will ring us back but don't hold your breath.  On Friday we went to our Solicitors in Torrevieja and they are happy to take the matter up with DoyouSpain and bill them.

Now we are home we are going to e-mail Doyou Spain and ask what is going on - give them one day to reply and then get in touch with our Solicitors.

Jeremy and Jane Price



Thread: Auriga Crown/Alicante- No new Fleet!


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