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25 Nov 2010 18:17:

Thanks Faro and mariadecastro for your quick response,


The company has no assets and me and my wife are the directors of the company, it was set up solely to buy a property which did not materialise.  I am not sure what you mean by being active in the Treasure Department but if you mean is the company fully up to date with its returns to tax the answer is yes.

The lawyers dealing with it are telling me it will cost in the region of 4000 euro so if you are saying 600 this is great can you advise where and how I would go about this.



 I was told by i would need to set up a company if I was buying a Turistico licensed property this was about 5 years ago, the property never materialised and luckily for me I had an insurance policy.

I appreciate your help in this



Thread: Dissolution of a Spanish Company

25 Nov 2010 00:00:

Does anyone know of a cheaper way to dissolve a company I set up to buy a property in the Valle Romano Resort, I have been quoted nearly 4000 euro for the dissolution of the company  on top of a yearly bill for 800 euro for accountancy fees to do the tax returns by Lexland even though there has been nothing bought or sold. I feel this is a bit over the top, is there a way of closing the company personally?

If anyone can advise I would welcome their comments



Thread: Dissolution of a Spanish Company


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