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22 May 2007 00:00:

We are moving to Spain and have a large plot of land surrounded by a drainage ditch.  the ditch is full of bamboo like weeds (dont know what they are called) and the garden has "super weeds" growing throu the pebbles.  does anyone know what is the best chemical to use to remove them??

Also bug termination!!  Is it worth spraying for mossies and whats best to use?

Is there anything available for them pesky catapillers??

Any help and guidance much appreicated  

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Thread: Gardening

17 Feb 2007 15:46:

i have contacted rail europe who tell me that you can not carry dogs on this service - anyone know anything different? 
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17 Feb 2007 15:41:

For the grand cost of £21 in cash and a trip to Manchester - we filled our application for NIE with the consulate.  10 mins later we were on our way and the NIE certicficates arrived a few weeks later.  the application neeed to be filled out in full - however because they were quiet they helped us with this - can't complain about the process and a lot better that the 200 euros and five hour wait we were quoted in Alicante.  the consualte web site has copied of all the forms etc and what is needed


Thread: NIE Certificate

03 Nov 2006 20:18:

We sucessfully sued the builder the first time we purchased a property as we had a very good and reliable spanish solicitor - they are out there!  The builder was 18 months behind and the estate agent had falsley sent us out twice to sign for it before it was anywhere near the estate agent - although now a PLC company - did not want to know as did not the solicitor they recommended. 

Our bank gave us a recommended solicitor and we have never regretted it - she is excellent at keeping in touch and explaining the process.  we are now three weeks from signing for our second purchase and have been caught up in the problems with Catral and the solicitor is on with the second suing!!!  Hoping for third time lucky or staying in blighty! 

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