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30 Jul 2009 12:43:

Could the petition organised by Suzanne and sent to 10 Downing Street also be handed in to the Spanish Embassy in London?

Thread: Rough justice yet again!

28 Jul 2009 17:40:

My goodness so many experts and so little understanding of the wider issues to peoples lives.

To be honest the Spanish lawyer, legal system needs to be changed but the english salesperson has alot to answer for in Spain.

I would certainly score them lower than a 1970's double glazing salesman. Talk the talk and pass the buck when something goes wrong.





Thread: Rough justice yet again!

28 Jul 2009 11:36:

We put down a deposit in Sept 05 and nothing has been built. For the last 18 months i have spent many hours working away at getting our deposit back. This has been along side sourcing a new lawyer and paying more money on top to go through the legal process.

Last Oct i contacted the FSA as i found our bank guarantee was with a worldwide insurance company who had a UK office. They were helpful and gave me the name and contact details of the UK Chief Exec. After initial interest he passed everything back to his spanish office and it was obvious he didnt understand any of the bg process. Back to a brick wall.

I then logged a petition with the European Parliment this has been passed as admissable and the European Commision are investigating further.

I then lost my job as the bank i had worked for (18 years) was taken over by Santander. They are ruthless and are 20 years behind with working processes.

We continue with our court case and i continue to support this every way i can. I suppose i'm saying dont give up.

Spain! if i won the lottery i wouldnt buy.









Thread: Rough justice yet again!

30 Jun 2009 00:00:

My husband and i visit Torrox Costa on the Costa del Sol normally out of season and hire a car from Malaga airport.

We are thinking of coming over during July and don't wish to hire a car for the whole week. Does anyone no of anyone who operates

a pick up and drop off service that doesnt cost the price of the holiday.

Many thanks





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Thread: Airport pick up and drop off

01 Apr 2009 14:37:

Amazing!  Peninsula promoted El Balcon Alcaucin - we put down a deposit in Sept 05, nothing built and having to go to court.   Peninsula cut all contact with the builder and they made no contact, ignored many emails and were silent!!!!! Oh tell a lie one letter received in Dec 08 and a Christmas card. They offered no options and washed hands of everybody.

Taste of own medicine does not seem to Mr lino's liking.

Thread: Peninsula threatening to seize UK assets and force purchasers to complete on Medina Elvira golf in Granada


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