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19 Mar 2008 10:59:

Hi my name is David and I'm also in the process of completing in the end of August. I have being working with a couple of Foreign Exchange Company’s. I have being told that the best thing to do is open accounts with a couple of Fx company’s and try and get the best rate by doing comparisons with them.

 The company's I have opened an account with are Money Corp, Hifx and Excel Currencies. I have not being overly impressed with the first two but still not bad. However I was recommended by a friend to give Excel Currencies a call as they say they give a guaranteed unbeatable exchange rate.  Which I taught was a bit too good to be true. but when I got an account opened with them, I don’t know if I got lucky with the broker I got but he was extremely helpful and he just gave it to me straight he informed me all the way back in November that I should try and get as much paid for as soon as possible as the rates were on the way down. Didn’t believe him at first but I obviously found out the hard way like so many others that he was right. My advice for you is to open accounts with a couple of Fx Brokers to make sure that when you do have to bring money over you will get the best rate.

If you like I will give you the name and number of the broker Im working with from Excel Currencies...

Did you find out if you can delay the completion date ??????

Thread: ready to complete but exchange rate so bad!!

11 Jan 2008 09:56:

Thanks for your help.

Please if anyone has any more infomation please post it up for  me..... While waiting for someone to post a reply I did a bit of reseach for myself  and I found a company called Excel Currencies i gave them a call and they seem very helpfull. One of the main things i noticed was that they dont work on a contract so i didnt feel under pressure to work with them but then i taught i would get a rate from them and then ring around to other companies and compare there rates because they were claiming to Guarantee unbeatable exchange rates. I started with a company called Hifx i was told they were one of the biggest companies then a company called Money corp, Sterling exchange, Rational Fx and a few others all of which didnt match the rate i was given by Excel Currencies.

Has anyone ever worked with this company before...?? Excel Currencies ?? If so please could you post a reply on how your experience was with them thanks.................

Thread: Regular Payments To Spain

04 Jan 2008 17:29:

hello .... My name is David and i am buying a house in Spain and i am confused about which currency exchange company to use ?. I have read most of  your comments but im still confused is there anyone else in the same situation as me or is there anyone who has done this before with any advice? thanks

Thread: Regular Payments To Spain

21 Nov 2007 00:00:

does anyone know of ant good  currencey exchange company

Thread: currencey exchange


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