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02 Jan 2012 00:00:

Me and my wife are Spanish living in Spain. We have a 3 years old baby. We lived in England for 6 months but we are loosing our English, so we are thinking about exchange holidays with an English family.

We would like to spend a ween with an English speaker family and in return, that family can come to our home. We want a family like us. Young people with children.

If you are interested write me.

What forum do you think is the best to this message? Maybe this is not the correct.



Thread: Holidays in Spanish family

04 Mar 2011 20:45:


Sorry for reply so late, but I´m very busy at the moment.

I don´t undestand very well your skills, but I know what are you talking about. Here, where I live, a "spa" is looking for a physiotherapist.

How is your english level?

Sorry, but I have no time. I´ll try to reply you better other day.

See you.


06 Nov 2010 00:00:

Hello. I´m Spanish. I studied some english in the school, but I never minded about live in England so my English was forgot.

This year, me and my wife, had the best oportunity in our live. Her company, moved us to Hertfordshire to work for 6 months, so we were living there from January to July.

My live changed, because I hab to learn a  forgotten language for me but I enjoyed a lot learning english, meeting new people and your culture. No I´m living in Spain but I don´t forget england, and I hope to live there for a time in the future.

I want to keep my low english level so I hope to be welcome to this forum. I haven´t got time so I can´t write very often, but if someone needs my help, I´m here.

I´m thinking, if I meet good people, about try to change holidays. For example, people like us, who wants to come one week to our house, and then, we can go to their house in england.

So, hello everybody.

Thread: Spanish among British

06 Nov 2010 00:40:

There are a lot of diferent kinds of food in Spain. Each area has its typical food, but everything is really taste.

Where I live, in winter we do the "matanza". We kill a pork, and we do a lot of diferents dishes with the differents parts of the pork. We do chorizo, morcilla, jamon (leg ham), bacon, lomo, careta (something like face) etc etc.

You must try to visit Castilla y Leon and taste our food. It´s really nice.

Thread: Enjoying the food in Spain

05 Nov 2010 11:13:

We said too.


Una rubia (because beer is blonde)

Thread: Okay, so what's the best way to ask for Beer???


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