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23 Feb 2017 8:56 PM:

Currently looking into some possible private health insurance options for living in Spain. 

Can anyone recommend any?

Would prefer to go for the cheaper ones with "co-payments" if possible.

Not sure if getting Dental cover as well is worth it or not.

Any recommendations greatly appreciated.


Thread: Any private health insurance recommendations for living in Spain

19 Feb 2017 2:31 AM:

As a British Citizen, when applying for the EU registration certificate as a part-time employee, is there a minimum number of hours of work per week you need to get it?

What about if you had a contract for just a few hours per week, earning only a few hundred euros per month? Could there be any problems?

Would you have to also prove you have savings to live off - and thus go down the other route of bringing in Spanish bank statements / possibly private health insurance too?

And what about gaining access to Spanish state healthcare? Would working just a few hours per week give you access to that?

Thread: Getting Eu registration certificate if working part-time


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