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19 Dec 2017 18:27:

Hello everyone.  I am Michael and my partner Margaret and I are thinking seriously about moving to Spain some time soon.  The logical first step would be six month rental property (according to general advice I think?) and then look around for something to buy.  We are home owners in the north of England and are looking for a two bed/two bath maybe in the Costa Blanca area.  Moraira looks nice, but then everywhere we look has its advantages.

We would keep our property here for the time being and see how things pan out.  Any personal recommendations from anyone would be most welcome.  Here are a few sample questions:

If, let's say for example, we decided to head south in the next few weeks (say Jan-Mar 2018) what might our chances of finding a property quickly be? 

Is it common to see English registered cars driving around the Costas (ie people in our position on long term lets)?  Thinking in terms of "act like long term visitors to Spain rather than residents", in the first instance at least.

Are there agencies that deal with rentals exclusively, like in England, where we have agents who deal with sales and others who just deal with rentals?

Enough for now - just my opening posting really. Hope to have some enjoyable conversations on here over the coming weeks.  We are NOT fixed on a destination but starting to feel like seeing the back of this cold north wind blowing in Yorkshire! 

PS  I have JUST passed retirement age so can drop work just like that, without a qualm.  My partner is a few years younger but she is equally flexible. 

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