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08 May 2016 20:22:

In my opinion there are too many variances in salaries and standard of living across the EU to provide a common welfare system, how some of the countries have passed the tests is beyond comprehension....Greece for one should never have been allowed in based on their fiscal position.

The western countries are too generous in terms of benefits and it is little wonder so many from the eastern EU countries (and many NOT even in Europe) either want to come to the western countries for benefits.....before anyone kicks off, I am not referring to those who work and pay taxes...I am referring to those who gain benefits or credits of some sort...housing, child etc. 

The tax payers can no longer afford to pay for these across the EU, yet the Officials want to invite even more countries who do not/cannot and will never comply to many of the rules set, but hey, Merkel et al want them in...

Not answered all your questions but this will stimulate some debate.


Thread: EU Welfare Benefits

15 Feb 2015 19:58:

Thanks for your comments too...

Thread: Property Management Recommendations - Santiago De La Ribera/Lo Pagan Area

15 Feb 2015 16:03:

Thanks for information, appreciated.

Thread: Property Management Recommendations - Santiago De La Ribera/Lo Pagan Area

15 Feb 2015 14:49:

We would appreciate any recommendations for property management companies in the area, we may rent and need comprehensive services related or require security, housekeeping and our villa opened for airing on a regular basis to reduce condensation issues.

Appreciate any recommendations based and anything we should keep an eye on based on previous experience.




Thread: Property Management Recommendations - Santiago De La Ribera/Lo Pagan Area

22 Mar 2008 11:48:

For all Buyers with sterling funds to pay for their properties may I suggest a different method to consider ....

Apply for a Spanish Mortgage and at the same time transfer your funds to a Sterling Account with the bank.

They can see that you have the funds available and therefore have credibility, the mortgage agreement is taken out in euros so you don`t have the drastic exchange differential and your maximum exposure to the CURRENT exchange rate is the monthly mortgage payment with the need to transfer from sterling to euros on a monthly basis...

Your sterling can also be put in a high interest account that will offset some of the interest charged on the mortgage.

Ensure you get a mortgage that allows you to overpay without any fees and WHEN (this is the tricky bit) the exchange rates become more favourable you can pay off a significant amount of the euro mortgage....

I am sure there are some negatives (fees/taxes) but you are not exposed to a 12% variance that we see with the rates as they are today or as they will probably stand in the next few months..

Hope it helps




Thread: ready to complete but exchange rate so bad!!


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