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17 Oct 2011 18:13:

Thanks for your comments everyone.

I'll pop in to see my bank.  They haven't been helpful in the past so that's why I wanted to know if others have done it so I can go in and mention this and have a bit more backup.



Thread: Costs for extending mortgage by 10 years

16 Oct 2011 23:33:

Thanks for your reply, Justin.

My long-term plan is to sell it, but as it’s such as bad time to sell now (I have reduced it €75,000 and still have no interested buyers) I’m considering renting it for a few more years.  The rent won’t cover the mortgage and therefore I wondered if it was worth looking into extending the mortgage to reduce it so the rent would cover it totally per month.  I thought this could be a better option than selling it at a loss, however, your comments about an interest only mortgage sounds even more suitable (and possibly cheaper)!

I'll definitely look into it!

Just one question, did your bank change your mortgage to interest only for the rest of the mortgage term or just for a number of specified years?

Thank you

Thread: Costs for extending mortgage by 10 years

16 Oct 2011 00:00:


I have a 25 year mortgage that has 15 years left on it.  I have been thinking of extending it by 10 years to lower the monthly mortgage payments.

Has anyone done this?  Any idea of the costs and paperwork involved?


Thread: Costs for extending mortgage by 10 years

15 Oct 2011 00:00:


Has anyone ever sold their property and garage space separately?  I bought an apartment with came with a garage space but in order to make it a little more economical I though I'd try to sell it without the garage.  Are there complications that I haven't thought about, eg having to split the deeds, etc.


Thread: Selling apartment and garage separately

07 Oct 2011 00:00:


I have a few questions on apartment rental.....

1.  What documents should be shown (by the tenant) before signing a rental contract?  Eg. NIF and proof of income?

2. Should a gestoria always be used so they can meet the tenant and check their documentation or can the document be signed by one party (owner) and then sent onto the other (tenant) without the use of a third party? 

3. If a gestoria is used, what would be a reasonable cost for their services (which would consist of meeting the potential tenants, checking their documentation and overseeing them signing the document).

Many thanks

Thread: What documents should a new tenant show?


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