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21 Nov 2013 5:09 PM:

Upload and share your photos.

Clicked on Upload your own photos and easy page of instructions.

Select photos - Browse - Open - Enter description. Upload photos now. Works quickly.

Unfortunately the date setting is wrong, as only has up to year 2012 - why?

Thanks for your help, even although nothing like the images you posted appeared!


Thread: Uploading a photo

18 Nov 2013 5:10 PM:

Not having any luck at all. Browse for photo - open - upload. Message that url is missing. I cannot see any instructions or steps to follow on the page, apart from a box with a lot of Spanish which doesn't translate into anything helpfull.

Can you take me through the process, as I assumed it would be similar to inserting an attachment or photo in hotmail.

Many thanks




Thread: Uploading a photo

15 Nov 2013 5:49 PM:

I want to put a photo on my Community Forum page. Can you tell me how to do it please.

Thread: Uploading a photo

28 Nov 2012 4:03 PM:

Can you tell me bobaol, if the Android would connect with the dongle I have in Spain which I used to use with my computer when there. I'm thinking this would be a better alternative than another Kindle. Would I be able to transfer the books on my Kindle to this Android.



Thread: Kindle in Spain

28 Nov 2012 11:39 AM:

Does anyone have the Kindle Fire. I've got the keypad Kindle, and thought the Fire would be perfect for accessing the internet and emailing when in Spain. I believe you can also Skype....what's the connection like on 3G?

Is it worth spending the extra £30 for the HD Model?

Thread: Kindle in Spain


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