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13 Nov 2021 7:51 PM:

Thank you. 


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Thread: New Rules on Plus Valia

12 Nov 2021 6:04 PM:

Thank you Maria, so can I just clarify as our solicitor says we have to pay as does an accountant. We purchased in 2006 for €220 euros we sold in 2021 for €19200.  Can we choose not to pay anything ? Our lawyer is holding this money and says we have to pay is this the case ? 

Thread: New Rules on Plus Valia

12 Nov 2021 2:09 PM:

We are looking for some clarification on the very latest ruling on plus valia tax.  We sold our property in Malaga province 10th Novemebr 2021.  We have made a loss after 15 years of ownership.  From what I have been reading in the press we should not have to pay it ?  can anybody clarify this or has the law not been applied yet ?  Also what documents will be required for getting back the 3% retention.  We are being told by our solicitor that we need to supply VAT invoices from the Gestor and Solicitor when buying the property is this correct  ?   

Asking a few solicitors all tell us different things.  We need this to be correct. 

Any help appreciated greatly.  

Thread: New Rules on Plus Valia

25 Feb 2020 5:02 PM:

I believe the IRPH decision was today?  Does anybody have any updates please ?

Thread: IRPH outcome

11 Nov 2018 9:59 AM:

As far as I am aware ( maybe Maria can answer) UCI only offer IRPH mortgages.

Thread: IRPH - waiting for outcome


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