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04 Nov 2013 18:18:

@ Poppyseed - what a dreadful situation you have there. It's never occurred to me that that sort of situation could arise, where a community don't own their pool. I can well imagine the distress it causes.

Following eggcup's post, I've dug out our accounts. One thing I want to point out is that communities (as I understand it ) are obliged to employ fully legal work persons - so if there are any problems there will be the opportunity to sue them - not possible if you use a friend of a friend for a cheaper job.

Our last yearly costs are as follows

Admin 1706, pool 2986, insurance 808, payment to president 360, gardening 528, purchases/repairs 2442 (we had a wall built, we all saw the quotes), electric 1734, water 321. Total. 10885.

The above charges include vat. The pool people visit all year round. They come twice a week between about October and June, then I think they come about every other day in peak season. We do have holidaymakers using the pool in March and October! We do get other quotes. I am also incorrect in how much we pay, we used to pay 400 a year, we have now dropped it to 350. We are all free to contact the administrators and go and inspect all the receipts.

I have to say the electric seems a bit steep. Regarding my friend, yes there is a LOT of garden and hedges. She is in the usual position of being a minority permanent person, the president holds nearly all the proxy votes of the majority of those who just use the place foe holidays. To be fair, she did get a gardening friend to have a look at it, whilst he reckoned he would only be able to get the cost down by a few hundred Euros, he did point out that he would make a much better job of it. (** roll eyes ** Yes, the current contracted gardener is the President!)
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Thread: Extra Fees to cover Shortfall due to Debtors

04 Nov 2013 12:10:

Rubio, that is a lot of money. But it does of course depend on what there is in your community. For example, mine is 25 Properties, comprised 16 flats and 9 townhouses. We all pay the same, although I think it is normal for 'bigger' properties to pay more, even if the footprint is the same.

We pay 400 Euros a year. We have a smallish pool in the centre, with a couple of palms and a few plants around it, and climbers over the pool fencing. Then just the paths around and a bit more garden in front of one of the apartment blocks. We have about 10k in reserve, and no longstanding debtors.

A friend lives in a community of 17, 16 semis and 1 villa. She pays 150 Euros per month. They have a medium sized pool, a fair bit of grass (rough thick stuff with lots of weeds!), a few palms and bits of garden. However, they have a long hedge behind the pool and garden area, and hedges between the houses, and a shrubby tree in each garden. The hedges are trimmed about every six weeks. It is this gardening that bumps up their fees.

Thread: Extra Fees to cover Shortfall due to Debtors

01 Nov 2013 20:20:

Mcfc, forget the train, as previously suggested, contact either Dave's coaches, or Rosas tours (in Quesada), you can find them on the internet, or in the local free English press. I use both firms for day trips, and I know someone who used Rosa's for their trip to Granada.

Otherwise it's drive yourself, or use the coach info previously posted.


Thread: train to Granada

25 Oct 2013 20:56:

BTW Feeg, whilst I understand buying a run down flat, I hope you have thoroughly researched buying in a run down block.

Thread: Cadastral Crazy?

25 Oct 2013 20:49:

Maria and Inspectahome - yes prices may be cheap, but presumably those that buy now will get hit with 'complementary tax'? Do you warn the buyers about that?

Thread: Spain is back in buisness.......


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