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06 Jul 2018 8:18 PM:

Hi all,

We have a holiday home here in Spain and have just arrived to find a denuncia in our post box. We have absolutely no idea who it is from and why. We have also missed the court hearing. Help! What is our next step?. Any comments appreciated TIA.

Thread: Denuncia

01 Feb 2018 3:43 PM:

Yes it appears you are indeed correct johnzx! Having visited various offices and back to the bank today.

We have to get this certificate which had run out.

The bank have agreed to do this for us for 30 euros. Numerous forms were filled out today and they cross referenced our UK address with what we had given them initially,  we have to prove our pension to them on our return to the UK.

In future we can email the bank to renew. It just goes to show a different contact made all the difference.

Will now have to put a note in diary for Jan/Feb 2020!


Thanks again for your help.

Thread: non residents bank account

01 Feb 2018 8:07 AM:

Have had a property in Spain for a few years and have always had a non residents bank account. However Bancaja in their wisdom have changed it to a residents bank account, they say we have to prove we are non residents now. Which is the best way to do this please? TIA

Thread: non residents bank account

30 Jun 2017 10:55 AM:

Oh didnt realise. Thanks for putting me straight!

Thread: Basura

30 Jun 2017 9:58 AM:

Hi got LOFO Dec, registered with town hall for Basura and at same time paid IBI.

No bill for Basura has been received. Went to Town Hall April and filled out documents again with Bank details still no bill. Any advice please? Dont want to end up with a large bill. TIA

Thread: Basura


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