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20 Feb 2012 15:02:

 I am in no way an expert and can sympathise, and indeed empathise with you

The Spanish legal system is in even more of a mess than the British one

The speed at which your case is processed seems to depend on who you are and what the case is about


It can take years to get an award made against a property developer, even though it's clear that they have defrauded and stolen from many people.  Indeed, the judge can sometimes find in your favour (after the Developer appealing many times to delay the outcome, meanwhile he is hiding his assets overseas, despite you requesting that his assets are frozen)

The judge can then tell you that although you have won and also been awarded costs etc., it is unlikely that the guilty party will pay up....this has happened to about 10 couples that we know


On the other hand, if the Junta decide to demolish a property owned by a non Spaniard, this can happen very quickly indeed and often the homeowners are not even properly notified or given a reasonable amount of time to appeal the case.

Instead of Sarkozy & Co. being so cross with the UK, perhaps they'd like to examine the way Spain conducts itself.





Thread: What do the courts do that takes so long?????

30 Aug 2011 10:54:


Poppy, I really couldn´t care less about the Priors, I have no interest in who they are, what they do - I guarantee you though, if they´d followed my earlier advice on this forum they wouldn´t be living in a garage.


Anyone who owns a property in Spain should care about the Priors (and frankly your statement sounds very cold and uncaring to me)

If you knew anything about the Priors and their situation, you would know that they followed the advice of their solicitor to the letter.

Most Brits coming to Spain would follow their abogado's advice rather than yours - which I can totally understand!!!




Thread: When did it all go wrong for some

08 Mar 2011 20:22:

 Hope your cat is better now?


We all need to get a definitive answer on the laws concerning hunting.

Although there are slight variations locally, I honestly believe a large percentage of hunters flout the law - they bargain on non Spaniards not complaining and also many of them can't actually read the laws they are meant to abide by


Too many stories of pets being killed by hunters for it to be an accident every time - one of my neighbours was actually shot whilst on her property.....she persued it with the police, but the hunters claimed a gypsy had wandered onto the land......


Funny that.

Thread: Hunting laws?


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