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17 Feb 2021 21:18:

Good Evening All,

Hope you're all well and keeping safe.

Please can you help me in relation to a query I have?

In July 2020, my Mother and Father paid a reservation deposit of 6,000.00 EUR to MASA relating to a purchase of an off-plan property.  The payments were scheduled to be on a staged payment basis.

In September 2020, a payment of 16,275.00 EUR was due - however, we appointed a Solicitor who advised us not to pay any more monies to MASA until they provide something called a surety guarantee insurance. We advised MASA of this and despite me emailling to obtain this nearly 150 times from September 2020 up until now, they have not provided us with anything. On that basis, we have decided to cancel the contract as this does look very odd.

I understand, based on a Google search, is that MASA by law should have provided us with this at the point of paying the reservation deposit and are therefore in breach of law. We are hoping that they will refund the 6,000.00 EUR reservation deposit based on the fact that they have simply not provided us with the document.  I know that this is doubtful and they will say no to the 6,000.00 EUR - and then our next option is to take legal action which we want to avoid due to cost and time.

Has anyone else had experience in this area? 

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