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29 Oct 2018 15:06:

We have now left this matter in the hands of our Spanish lawyers and hopefully it will be resolved quickly.

Thread: Thelma

29 Oct 2018 10:49:

So OK here is the full story

We decided to get a pool put in. We looked around at various companies that could do the Job. A Neighbour recommended that we use a certain company as they were very pleased with the work they had done and so we went with their recommendation.

During the initial consultation with the company we were given a quote for the work to be done and also told that €1800 would have to be paid to the architect for the plans, drawings and the license.

We did this

After completion of the pool we waited for the license and other paperwork to arrive…and we waited….and we waited.

After many phone calls to the company and all the promises of they would get it sorted still there was nothing.

Due to personal circumstances we decided to move back to the UK and sell up in Spain. We employed a solicitor to act on our behalf. An offer was made on our property and the usual checks were done. Obviously the pool wasn’t on the Esquitura due to the lack of paperwork that was supposed to have been done by the company we had do the Pool. Our solicitor eventually managed to get the phone number of the architect that was supposed to have done the plans etc. and low and behold they couldn’t find any paperwork. 

To say that I haven’t done anything about this is completely wrong. I was constantly on the phone to the company that did the pool. In hind sight I should have maybe got legal advice earlier but because of the persistent promises made by the company concerned I was led to believe that they had the matter in hand. Oh how wrong was I.

Thread: Thelma

28 Oct 2018 21:50:

I think you have got this wrong it was me Thelma that paid €1800 to the person putting in the pool for the architects drawings, plans and the license. I certainly haven’t done “a runner” in fact exactly the opposite I’m here to resolve the matter hence my original post.

if you can’t be of any help then please refrain from replying to the topic....thank you.

Thread: Thelma

06 Oct 2018 19:53:

Thanks that’s what our consultants are going to do they have made an appointment with them hopefully we will find out what’s what 

Thanks Thelma

Thread: Thelma

06 Oct 2018 18:03:

Was told it was legitimate we paid one thousand eight hundred for architect and licence so I hope it wasn’t a con as company still operating I would not like to think this happened to other customers as if that’s the case they would be conning people out of a lot of money apart from the costs for putting the pool in 

thanks Thelmai

Thread: Thelma


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