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24 Jun 2013 12:31:

Ah thank you for clarifying the Bankers Draft situation.  

I thought i read somewhere that the notary automatically takes the 3% retention as part of the transaction to ensure that the Tax is paid?

Thread: What happens in Notary Office when selling

24 Jun 2013 10:45:


I have just agreed to sell my property and would like help in what to expect in the Notary office.

I understand that i do not really need a lawyer as the money is just handed over to the seller.  But how is it handed over? (minus the 3% tax of course).   Do i get some form of Bankers Draft?   What are the possible pitfalls?  How can i tell if the bank draft is legitimate?

Thank you in advance for any help or advice.

Thread: What happens in Notary Office when selling

08 Aug 2012 12:07:

Amazed by your observations.

I am always so pleased to get to Spain and marvel at how clean and litter free the streets are and how clean the public transport is.  and always so depressed when i get back to Luton airport ....

Don't know what area you are in but it sounds awful and imho not typical.  Maybe your 10 years in Spain has dulled your memory of Blighty (or maybe it has got worse) but the litter here and the general disresprect shown by your average member of public is awful here in Blighty.

I know where i would rather be and if it wasn't for Educating my son here and my 'good' job that pays the mortgage then i would be off like a shot to Calpe on the Costa Blanca .

Thread: Problems with living in Spain

02 Aug 2012 10:41:


Anyone got any good ideas in getting to & from Alicante Airport to Calpe later this month?

I normally do it by getting the 'C6' bus to Alicante town the the TGV tram/train to Calpe, folowed by a local Taxi for the last part of the journey. 

This is a lovely journey but does take 3 hours.

How much would a taxi cost for this journey?  Anyone know of anyone who does airport runs at a reasonable cost?

Thank you in anticipation.

Thread: Airport Run to Calpe

01 May 2012 13:35:

I think Altea is mainly residents and not holiday makers.  But stand to be corrected?

I have been told that Calpe is a year round town and suspect that Altea is similar, whereas Moraira is alot of holiday makers and thus pretty quiet out of season.  Sorry, but i only really know about Calpe as you probably gather

Thread: Altea


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