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18 May 2007 00:01:



OK Telemachus,

Ten out of ten for the english lesson.

I have not been on this web site for long but I think Roberto probably made a grammatical error which I hope he is not going to feel obliged to apologise for.

The man gives good advise and is a reasonable person, I am sure he did not mean to insult anyone.

By the way 'alot' is two words, and just in case that was a one off grammatical error 'atleast' is two words as well. 16th May 11.17pm go look.

Before you start nit picking make sure you rite proper yourslf.




Thread: The Market - Bottomed Or still more to come???

10 May 2007 22:24:



From reading a bit , I think you are the expert on mortgages, see below how does it stack up?

I have a few more but this does not seem to be that much less expensive than UK?

Purchase price: 270.000.-€

- Mortgage amount: 240.000.-€ ( maximum 90% purchase deed and maximum 70% valuation, we will a need a valuation of 340.000.-€)
- Mortgage length: 30 years ,first 15 years interest only and the following 15 years repayment. Maximum age applicant 80 years old.
- Opening fee: 1%
- Early redemptions total or partially: 0%
- Interest rate applies: monthly euribor + 1,25%. Today monthly euribor is 3,86%, total interest rate applies at today rate: 5,11%.  Interest rate review monthly.
   Based in the above conditions at today rates the monthly payments will be:
* During the interest only period at today rate 1.022.-€
* After the interest only period, during the repayment period, at today rate 1.911,69.-€ (in 15 years time).
All advise greatly appreciated

Thread: Mortgage Advice

09 May 2007 18:22:


Points taken, can I then assume that all the issues raised on these pages are as relevant to Mallorca as mainland Spain?? are there any special issues with Mallorca as opposed to Spain?

If you had a choise Smiley would you buy on the mainland or in Mallorca, you obivously know your stuff so shoot from the hip!!!


Thread: The Market - Bottomed Or still more to come???

09 May 2007 17:34:


What exactly is it you do not want to respond to, you are starting to worry me????



Thread: The Market - Bottomed Or still more to come???

09 May 2007 08:40:


OK Folks

All chat seems to be about mainland Spain.

I am considering an apartment in Mallorca, can anyone give advise on property prices on the island, someone told me recently (connected to the Agents of course !!) they are generally higher than on the mainland and that the sales slump has not effected Mallorca as much as the rest of Spain, sounds like a sales pitch to me?


Thread: The Market - Bottomed Or still more to come???


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