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08 Feb 2012 11:22 PM:

Haha - I have to say, I haven´t read any Spanish manuals on it, just tried to apply some logic which was evidently wrong. When I first moved here a decade or so ago I asked a Spanish colleague about drink / drive rules. He told me the Police were not really that concerned about it, even if they did stop someone they vary rarely breathalysed them. Then he added with a completely straight face "Anyway my friend, have you seen how the people are driving here? You need a few drinks for courage before you get in the car ".

One of my pet hates for years was barrelling down the A2 into Madrid every morning and evening, and buses pulling out of bus stops directly into the flow of 120 kmph traffic. 

And the other classic, accelerating lanes on motorways where people stop dead at the bottom! 


Thread: Which side on the Round-a-bouts?

08 Feb 2012 5:04 PM:

Hi Mugabe,

It's possible there may have been a small misunderstanding because we are in precisely the same situation as you. Just over 12 months ago we were contacted by Movistar because they had an introductory 12 month offer:

Free local and national calls, 500 minutes to mobiles plus 10 Mb ADSL for 45€ a month (incl 13€ p/m line)

Now the 12 months are over and last month we were billed 65€.

I'm not happy about it but it is what we signed up for and we really did have a poor time with Jazztel before that.


That might not be what happened in your case of course, but it fits the time frame.


We're looking at Orange...




All the Best!



Thread: Telefonica ADSL!!

08 Feb 2012 1:28 PM:

I saw this years ago (but an American version) and someone flagged it as a hoax. 

But I mean it might be worth trying as a last resort!



Thread: Heart attack and how to save your self, worth a read

08 Feb 2012 11:22 AM:

It depends where you want to go.

If you're on a road with two lanes in each direction approaching a roundabout (in Spain, driving on the right) and you want to turn right then you approach the roundabout in the right hand lane. If you´re going to go straight across then I think you should be on the right hand side as well (although I tend to choose the quickest moving lane). If you're going to take the road to the left then you go around the inside indicating right as you make your exit. If you´re using the roundabout to go back down the road you just came up then again, right around the inside then indicate right to make your exit.


I mean, there are roundabout s with 5 or 6 lanes near me. If you want to go to the left and you stay in the right hand lane all the way round you´ll cause chaos. There´s no point having a 5 lane roundabout then telling everyone to stay in the outside lane.

Anyway, always a situation where you have to be a bit more alert, especially in Spain where they are fond of putting traffic lights / zebra crossings on exits, and will often throw in a bus stop and wheelie bin / bottle bank in order to maximise potential hazards and reduce visibility even further.

Thread: Which side on the Round-a-bouts?

31 Jan 2012 5:13 PM:

I imposed a 6 month exile on myself with EoS last summer. It was getting to the point where if anyone dare say anything nice about Spain they were berated by a whole host of people that had had a bad experience. And it didn't matter if you were sympathetic or not to peoples misfortune, for them (not all of them of course) Spain was a nightmare and you were somehow mentally deficient if you didn't use every post to slag off Spanish lawyers, the legal system in general, politicians, banks, builders...

I used to come away with the impression that I should feel guilty because my house purchase went reasonably smoothly.

At other times I just felt it got a bit, not intentionally racist, but, I wasn´t comfortable reading it. Silly stuff but it was just the way it was worded "We´ve recently bought a quad property and unfortunately some Spaniards live in one of the residences, you know how noisy they are..."  and I found stuff like that sad.

But yes, noticed the forums aren´t quite as busy, haven´t seen Norman Sands, Poppy, Campana etc

Still a good place to get some good, free advice from other expats and I´m sure it'll pick up again.

Thread: Q for Justin


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