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03 Aug 2009 19:46:


Bascially got the same response from lawbird as you - they will not consider a group case for creditor listing.

Therefore only option is to pay the Eur1200 if want to get on the list (as you mentioned they state that tthe fee is to try to get us as far up the list as possible - does that really mean anything with Aifos in the state the are? - Who knows.

Right now although I'm getting a sense of deja vu about throwing more good money after bad, I really doe't want to let those b****s win, so am strongly considering carrying on with the legal route.

Lawyer did mention that Aifos are supposed to contact us all individually to allow us to register for creditor list - but fat chance of that happening.  I asked if they knew who the court appointed administrators would be - and they say it is only ruour at present - but that rumour is that it will be PWC.  If we are supposed to be able to apply to Aifos or the administrators directly to get on the ist how come the administrators have not been officially announced?

Lawyer  reckons that even if we manage to get on the list directly through Aifos or administrators, we are unlikely to be able to get any seniority level without taking the legal route and therefore extra legal fees.

Feeling pretty helpless, but pretty much resigned to more legal action / more legal fees - probably very shortly, so as not to miss the one month dealine.




Thread: Rough justice yet again!

03 Aug 2009 11:03:

Hi all,

Lawyer has replied to my individual questions (saying I will still need to pay the Eur1200) , but has so far ignored my question regarding group case. Have asked them specifically again.

I must be getting too cynical, because I can also see the irony in Aifos applying for and getting voluntary administration status on 31 July with a month to register on the creditor list - just when almost the whole of Spain - including most Lawyers - take a one month vacation!



Thread: Rough justice yet again!

03 Aug 2009 10:24:


I have just sent the email, but had also sent some individual questions just before I heard the news about the voluntary receivership and just after. They don't seem to be quite so quick in answering these questions, but are quite happy to confirm that they can provide the service individually for Eur 1200. 

Perhaps I'm being unfair and am just getting too cynical in my old age!


Thread: Rough justice yet again!

03 Aug 2009 10:05:

coombsey & goodstitch44

Since at least the three of us are with the same lawyer, I'm quite happy to email them and ask whether a group approach to the listing can be considered and whether this will in turn reduce the fees.

I'll let you know the feedback I get.



Thread: Rough justice yet again!

03 Aug 2009 09:22:


What information is it that you would need?  Let me know and I can provide if it will assist in agreeing a Lawyer firm for a group case and the fee can be negotiated on a group basis rather than individual.


Many thanks


Thread: Rough justice yet again!


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