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18 Sep 2014 12:56:

Can anyone reccomend a good conveyancer/abogado in Huercal Overa area specialising in property purchase???



Thread: Abogados in Huercal Overa area

12 Sep 2014 14:22:

Don`t know at this moment in time as Im just a prospective buyer. Looking at Almeria mainly so could be Albox, Arboleas or Huercal Overa. Is Almeria autonomous? If not who governs Almeria law??



Thread: Illegal Buildings - Valencia

12 Sep 2014 13:57:

What is the Govt beauracracy that affects properties in Almeria? 

Thread: Illegal Buildings - Valencia

10 Sep 2014 09:24:

Thanks for the info always welcome in the property minefield!!!  Just come acrossa traditional Finca in Andalusis in a great location..needs some modernisation but ticks a lot of our boxes..rustic land but over 300m of outbuildings to play with!!! :)

Thread: Illegal Buildings - Valencia

08 Sep 2014 15:20:

Thanks Woodbug...the picture you paint is quite gloomy but nonetheless I think it is accurate. It appears there is NO absolutely certain way of knowing if that fateful letter from the Spanish Govt will arrive or not arrive . Not sure the consequences are worth the risk is my current way of thinking. Frankly I just dont understand the Spanish authorities attitudes to these issues. Without the foreign investment in Spain since the demise of Franco they`d still be living in the dark ages! The fear I have is the uncertainty surrounding property purchase with such incompetency and corruption throughout the Spanish govt both national , regional and local. The figure of 500,000 illegal properties you quote in Valencia and Andalucia is way above my estimation and certainly food for thought. The other fear is what financial  measures the Spanish Govt may take against foreign property owners as their economy suffers even more. Spain is stil in recession and still a poor relation of the EU. Personally I think it is about time the Spanish Govt set their stall out and introduced laws to protect foreign property owners from the corruption brought about by their own officials. Protecting foreign owners will boost confidence back into the Spanish economy and generate income to bring Spain back out of recession. Maybe I should be thinking of Scotland as a place to invest in holiday/retirement property!!!  

Thread: Illegal Buildings - Valencia


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