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14 Oct 2016 16:41:

Thank you hugh_man for your reply. I find that really strange because we've had Permanent Proxy Votes in our Community for ten years to my certain knowledge, two years of which I was President myself. Maybe the islands are different from the mainland ? I have no idea.

Thank you nigel188 for your reply. It seems that you have a similar problem to mine, except that for me it's over 50% of the total votes, probably largely due to 80% of the owners not being occupiers.

I would also be very interested in an comment that Maria de Castro may make when she has time !


Thread: Proxy Votes

13 Oct 2016 13:37:

Our AGM is approaching and, as usual, rumours are rife and all sorts of apparently underhanded stuff is going on !!

It is rumoured that the law has been changed regarding Permanent Proxy Votes, to the extent that they are no longer valid !!!???

Does anyone know if this is true and that now a proxy vote can only be given on a one-off basis for each AGM ?

Any help much appreciated !

Thread: Proxy Votes

18 Mar 2016 15:58:

Thank you so much windtalker, hugh_man, CostaBlade and mariadecastro for taking the time and trouble to help with my question, very much appreciated yes

Maria's link leads to a brilliant 17 page booklet containing an English translation of the Horizontal Laws including the 2013 amendments, it will be invaluable to me and, I'm sure, to many others, so an extra big thank you to you Maria !!

Thread: Question about Community Expenditure

12 Mar 2016 12:06:

Hello Everybody,

Way back in 2008/9 I was President of my Community, but sadly had to resign due to tragic personal circumstances, and I am only now poking a tentative toe back in to the muddy water of community affairs !!

I have thoroughly refreshed my memory of the Horizontal Property Laws and can find nothing specific enough to answer my question, so I'm hoping someone may be able to help me with this.

Back in 2008, I was under the impression that all community expenditure had to be approved in the annual budget at the AGM by owners, and that the only permitted digression from that was in an absolute emergency when the elected committee were allowed to deal with it.

This is certainly not the case now, and there seems to be a large amount of unauthorised expenditure going on !! When I raised the matter at the last AGM, I was told that the HPL had changed and that the committee was now allowed to spend up to 5000 euros without owners prior approval.

I know there have been changes to the HPL in recent years, but I can find nothing to either confirm or deny what I was told, which I have to say I find extremely hard to believe !! Neither is there any evidence of a 5000 euro limit having been agreed by owners in previous minutes of meetings.

Any help or current information on this would be very much appreciated, thank you.




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Thread: Question about Community Expenditure

11 Jun 2015 22:13:

I definitely would say the Android box is a far better option yes

Firstly, as you rightly say, it makes the laptop part of the operation redundant.

Secondly, there is a much wider choice in what's available to view

Thirdly, you buy your box and that's it, no monthly fees !!

My internet supply is wifi

Good luck with your change-over, I'm sure you won't regret it !! laugh

Thread: English Channels in Spain


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