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19 May 2018 15:01:

You can legally drive a Spanish hire car on your UK insurance, regardless of whether you have the 'excess insurance' or not. That is what I have been doing as a tourist.


What I'm planning ahead for is for when - next year - I move to Spain full time and buy a car in Spain. It would be easier if any UK insurance companies had their own operations in Spain - but maybe not. I wonder if Mr Kavanagh has misunderstood my request?


It looks like I'll have to take the bull by the horns and, when I buy a Spanish car, take out a Spanish insurance policy. As we are - for now - in the EU a Spanish policy would, I understand, cover me to drive a third party's car on my trips back to the UK.


Thanks for all views offered.


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Thread: Car insurance

18 May 2018 22:56:

Can someone help,please?

In recent years I have visited Spain frequently and have rented cars. I am tax resident in the UK and drive the hire cars on my UK car insurance.

Sometime early next year I will more permanently to Spain and become tax resident in Spain.

At that point I will buy a car in Spain.

What should I do about insurance? Should I find a Spanish car insurance company or would my UK company be likely to continue to insure me? Would my maximum No Claims Discount be recognised in Spain?

Would a Spanish insurance policy allow me to drive cars on my return to the UK.

I'm sure I'm not alone in having this problem. Any views?

All answers gratefully received.

Thread: Car insurance


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