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17 Sep 2007 12:00 AM:

Deleted - sorry!!

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Thread: Any spanish mortgage experts out there? (in need of 100% mortgage, and 'bad credit' mortgages general advice)

17 Sep 2007 7:30 AM:

Thanks guys, I'll check the W H Smith website later today  

Is there a better way of learning the written language than looking at pre-schooler books? I think I am going to have problems getting DH to carry a big book with a picture of a fluffy kitten on the front!! But, needs must and all that, I'll cover it for him if he is that bothered!! LOL

Thread: What is the best way of learning Spanish at home?

16 Sep 2007 6:23 PM:


Thanks for that.

We had already thought of doing a college course, but TBH my husband is working 12-14 hours a day, plus Saturday mornings plus every third weekend on call (you see why we are wanting to move to Spain!!!) so we really don't have the time to do a course, I was hoping someone could recommend a CD or something that hubby could listen to whilst driving and I could listen to whilst doing the housework. We realise that a CD probably isn't the best way to learn a new language, but we are really only looking for the basics with the hope of improving greatly once we are actually in Spain.

Thanks again though

Thread: What is the best way of learning Spanish at home?

16 Sep 2007 4:20 PM:

Thanks so much for that, I know that we have some issues re. money, but I am actually starting to believe that we can just about pull this off. It is no longer a pipe dream! It is all so exciting  !!

Thread: Could someone help us with where to start looking please.

16 Sep 2007 2:56 PM:

Thanks again for the advice.

I think we will be looking at long-term lets rather than buying. As I understand it you need a good 30% deposit to buy and to be honest we just wouldn't have that sort of cash. So yes we would be giving up our rung on the property ladder here with little or no chance of getting back on in either Spain or England again. It sounds very foolish, but if I went into massive detail and explained our circumstances with our house now and why it wouldn't be a great loss to us, it isn't quite as foolish as you would first think.

House wise, we would obviously love a huge 5 bedroom villa with private pool and air con and everything else for about 200e a month!!  Realistically, we would be looking at either a larger 2 bed, or 3 bed property. We wouldn't be too bothered whether it was an apartment or more of a housey type, as long as there is somewhere to sit and play outside (either private or public) and as long as the place isn't crumbling down around our ankles we will be happy! Our main concern would be the people around us, what the area has to offer, and how far away the nearest schools, shops, and dare I say - cafes and bars are!! 

And, yes, the area we can start looking to move to will be ultimately decided on where my husband's job is based, but what we don't want to do is waste his time and the little money we do have looking for a job in an area that just wouldn't give us what we wanted, job or no job.

Thread: Could someone help us with where to start looking please.


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