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22 Mar 2020 17:00:

Come on guys it's just a general statement 😃 looks like you have all fallen for it again.

i will reiterate, the human being for some reason panic buy due to any type of scaremongering, why on earth are the shelves empty of toilet rolls, you can only blow your nose so many times, but then again, if they are buying so much food, they need it for the toilet duties 😂.

if quite a lot of people said suntan lotion cured them of the virus, guess what, it would fly off the shelves.


cant wait for April 1st


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Thread: Panic Buying

22 Mar 2020 12:32:

Because certain people still have to travel, ie logistics, doctors nurses etc and the mentality of people is not only to fill their stomachs but also fuel tanks, if and when they need to go somewhere ie emergency, they have the fuel to do so.

Thread: Panic Buying

22 Mar 2020 09:35:

Is this a joke question??

sorry but 12 months for panic buying.

can you imagine the amount of overcrowding increasing the spread of the virus.

some people will always panic depending on their situations.

the next panic buy will be fuel 😃

If these selfish people stopped loading up cupboards, there would be enough for everyone.

what they don't realise is they are pushing prices up and some of the goods will perish anyway.that means spending extra money at a later date, when they haven't got it because they are temporary or even permanently out of work.

im sure the panic buying will calm down soon when they realise 

we are all in this together, we all need to help each other if and when and we will come out of this stronger.

health is more important than money 

Thread: Panic Buying

14 Mar 2020 21:21:

Circumstances have changed, tell them it's unfurnished contract, get a proffesional contract drawn up, or they will walk all over you, start as you mean to go on, and don't be soft touch 

Thread: What must you put in a furnished apartment?

04 Mar 2020 21:13:

The general rule is you pay a 3000 euro deposit to secure the deposit and no more.

use an independent lawyer who has interest in you, not the estate agent.

if the estate agent is not happy with you, move to another agent,watch out for the estate agent taking you to furniture shops, they are on commission 


Thread: Deposit to estate agent.


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