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08 Aug 2012 19:12:

We used europa tel a few years ago when we lived in estepona and we had no problems whatsoever. We only used their broadband service as we had just moved over and brought our sky boxes with us.

To be honest i´d still use them now if it wasnt for the fact the community we moved to still can´t get telefonica installed yet!

They gave us good service and were helpful in getting telefonica to connect the line at the house too (unlike the telefonica shop who just kept shrugging each week and telling us to wait!)


hope this helps




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23 Jun 2012 18:38:

We went to Duquesa & Manilva as a group last night for the 1st time since September and It was good to see that the whole area seems to be undergoing a major facelift. The port was busy and loads of new places have cropped up as well as old ones being done up too.

We also went to ´Roman Oasis´ up the road from Lidl and, as much as I love the place anyway, last night was proabably the best night I had there (except for the nights Keith Floyd was there). The food was great, the surroundings relaxing and the whole family loved it.

If only they could carry the whole spirit up to Estepona port maybe it wouldn´t be such a ghost town.

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30 Apr 2012 16:42:

I use ´wifi-connect´ for both my home and now for my office too as telefonica rubbish. Telefonica charged me for 4 seperate adsl lines at the same rate and for the same time and gave me 4 different amounts to pay. they genuinely dont have a clue what they are doing!


wifi connect are better for us because you can also take the equipment with you when (or if) you move house.

the website is  www.wificonnect-spain.com/ 

I don´t know about other wireless providers as I´ve always used these guys.



Thread: FAST Adsl Costa Del Sol

17 Apr 2012 10:10:

don´t be put off by all the people that instantly say "oh that wont work"

They said the same to us and things are going well, it just takes time, hard work and patience. I would recommend joining a networking group.. There are always groups about, such as BNI or business 1st.  They will give you a chance to meet new people in similar trades to yourselves plus other trades that may benefit from your product (builders, home insurance, etc) as well as opening your business up to all of their contacts too. The 1st couple of visits are always free to go along to so you will know if it´s worth continuing with.


good luck



Thread: What would be the best way to promote my business?

05 Apr 2012 16:58:

If you are in Fuengirola then i´d reccomend the ´uppa crust´ cafe bar. its right behind the Yaramar hotel.

It is a traditional britsh cafe (which i dont normally bother with) but the food is always lovely and fresh and very good prices.

the fresh cakes are also a big plus for me and my ever expanding waistline



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