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08 Sep 2012 11:51 AM:

It happened to me in the USA, two years after the offence, arrested at border control.  Best for them to pay up.


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Thread: Should you pay a speeding fine from Spain once you're back in the UK?

08 Sep 2012 11:50 AM:

 I think you wil find that if the fine is not paid, then the next time that the person whose name is on the fine visits Spain they will be arrested at border control and requested to pay the fine plus addition penalties for non payment.  If they don't pay up, don't expect to travel to Spain again.

Thread: Should you pay a speeding fine from Spain once you're back in the UK?

09 Jun 2012 11:36 AM:

 We too have been resident here for four years, we live inland overlooking the lake of Iznajar.  Travelling around our local villages the locals are still really welcoming saying hola on meeting in the street (I tried saying hello to strangers on my last visit to the UK, got some odd looks.).  Living here in Cordoba province we are just over an hour from the costa's but the pace and style of life is so much more relaxed, crime is virtually none existent and the local police and Guardia are really friendly and part of the community.   This region relies on the olives for thier main income and although the market value for olives has decreased  the increasing sales of olive oil is keeping the local farmers busy.  Traditional tapa's bars here still give tapa's with your drinks without them being requested and at no addition cost in most cases.  We know where we would rather be given the choice between here and the UK for feeling safe and getting good value for money.   If your friends don't want to come to Spain because of media reports in the UK tell them to look around them before making their final decision.

Thread: How Are Things in Your Area?

12 Jan 2012 12:37 PM:

i believe that madrid is the capitol of spain the eye on spain computer does not go to madrid and ask then fix it

I think this should read like this :-

I believe that Madrid is the Capital of Spain.  The eye on Spain computer does not.  Go to Madrid and ask.  Then fix it.

I get lots of correspondence from people without punctuation, it appears the David thinks that eye on Spain has the Spanish Capital incorrect for some reason.

Best regards


Thread: capitol of spain

19 May 2011 6:38 PM:

Well put Chordiant, if people live here they should get their vehicles matriculated onto Spanish plates, that way they can pay road tax and get ITV's in line with the law.   I wonder how long it would take for the UK police to stop me if I took my Spanish registered car to the UK permanently and didn't bother to re-register it, in fact I could have a Spanish car in the UK and a UK car in Spain, both without road tax.   Only drawback is that the Spanish authorities claim back the road tax eventually, as far as I am aware there is no SORN equivalent in Spain.  In Spain you cannot even scrap the vehicle when the road tax is not up to date. 

Just get legal.

Thread: UK Road Tax and Spain


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