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02 Sep 2014 15:26:

I own a holiday home in Spain and recently someone returned to the UK and sent a list of complaints about the house threatening to post a very negative review if we did not give them an unspecified amount of compensation. NB. All other holiday-makers have written very positive reviews and the complaints included things like the fact that they didn't like the fiesta.

The website on which we advertise has said that the threat to 'go public' if we don't give them money goes against their guidelines and if the person submits the review it will not be published because of the threat in the private email to us.

I think this is a worrying trend, though and very similar to what is going on on TripAdvisor. They even said how they could seriously damage our business...  

I just wondered whether any other holiday home owners have had similar experiences and how they have dealt with it.

Thread: Dealing with complaints by holiday-makers

13 Jul 2014 18:14:

Thanks Tadd. Especially for the link you posted. 

They now live in England, so from the thread you posted it seems like they would have to be careful about the wording in the English divorce setlement where its mentioned about the Spanish property. If they decided one of them would have the Spanish property completely, then would it cost a lot to transfer it to one of their names if it is in joint names now (I think that is the case and will check)? Would there be capital gains tax, stamp duty etc. to pay?

Thread: Divorce and Spanish property

13 Jul 2014 14:14:

Hi. A friend is splitting up from her husband and has asked me to ask for advise. 

She wants to know if it is best to divorce or not, from a financial point of view.

They own a property in Spain and I seem to remember that if a couuple aren't married and one dies, then the property automatically goes to the children - and they have three children.

I told her they will have to re-do their Spanish wills if they divorce. But are there any other implications in this scenario, like stuff to do with tax? She said they won't divorce if it's going to end up costing them a lot in taxes in Spain but will just hold on until the market improves and they can sell and split the money.

Any help on this would be welcomed.

Thread: Divorce and Spanish property


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