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31 May 2015 20:16:

Don't worry you get strange people anywhere that have naffall else to do and always need a say! 😉 😂 That's great! Thank you for your very helpful advice we have taken note, yes we will be renting when we arrive for a while until we learn more - things are starting to move on our end now so hoping to be over sooner than we thought 😊 Thanks Tadd1966- my sister will be with us for a while to translate for us- we are coming over again next week to see a few more schools (English and spainsh) as this is the biggest decision and hopefully get to meet other English parents to see how thier children have taken to the move!? Thanks again x hope this makes sense as I have just dropped the i pad and smashed the screen so can't see what I'm writing very well!! oops

Thread: Moving to Camposol

30 May 2015 12:29:

Thank you camposol, Acer and new world for your advice and support - Windtalker it's small minded people like you that are wrong with this world!! Don't speak a word of Spanish? ?? Sorry do you know me?- No so please don't comment unless you know this for a fact!!! Windtalker- jobs..... yes we have good professions but we are not stupid enough to move our 2 children over without financial support - we are fortunate enough that we may not need jobs for a while but again thank you for you help full advice and just incase your not smart enough to understand I am being facetious when I say Thank you to you!!!! But seriously thank you to all the others that have offered great advice we are extremely grateful. we are just hoping the move is successful and I would rather give it a go than look back in 20 years thinking what if?! For the helpful ones I understand people have dreams and yes this is one of ours but we have looked in to it fully and visit more than enough times a year to know that this is for us. Thanks again to you all xx

Thread: Moving to Camposol

29 May 2015 16:09:

Thanks everyone for all advise,


with respect floella, we might be 30 but not stupid- we have of course visited all websites in relation to this and it was helpful advise we were after not smart comments- thanks though : )

- my husband is a gas engineer and I estate agent we don't have work lined up as of yet but are hoping to visit again soon to sort things out-we have a business in the UK which will be running so will keep us on our feet.

if anyone else is in the same boat message me - as would love to hear other people's experiences,

thanks again everyone : )



Thread: Moving to Camposol

26 May 2015 23:21:

Hi there,

i am am after a little advise if poss please,

my husband and I are looking to move to camposol with our children 5&6 ,

we visit a few times a year and stay at the country club but now finally ready to make the move and am after any advise from people in the same boat,

have your children settled in ok and adapted to the move well?

is it easy for us to make new friends..(we are 30)

are the schools good?

we would be renting at first with a view to buy.

sorry for all the questions just want as much advise as possible,


thanks xx


Thread: Moving to Camposol


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