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18 Feb 2016 12:01 PM:

Easier said than done. I speak Catalan but when it's for needing to understand official things I don't speak it that well.

Thread: Trading Cars, License needed but how?

18 Feb 2016 9:59 AM:

I am in the Catalunya region so not really any ex-pats up here. they all prefer Benidorm or Malaga! ;-)

John ZX I am trying to comply with the laws here. However complying with the laws here is frustrating at the best of times. Needless bureaucracy etc.

Thread: Trading Cars, License needed but how?

17 Feb 2016 9:55 PM:

I have been trying to without success to find any information as to how to obtain a license in order to trade cars. You don't need any such thing in the UK but as is always the way here, any excuse to extract money from the citizen and they will! It seems like a closed shop here with no amount of information available. I have just been told by gestors that I cannot do it. You need a license and you have to take an exam? I have been here over 6 years and there isn't a day that goes by when this country doesn't frustrate me with it money grabbing box ticking buraucracy! I just want to open a business and help the economy! No wonder so many people work black! I often wonder if this country really wants to get out of the crisis or whether it just prefers it's people to be downtrodden and not suceed in anything. The most that people seem to be able to aspire to is either a hardressers or a bar! Rant over! lol.

Thread: Trading Cars, License needed but how?

15 Sep 2015 2:55 PM:

Yes, I had a Combo which is the same and they are a real pain to change.

Thread: Are HID headlight bulb systems legal in Spain?

15 Sep 2015 12:56 PM:

I fitted the Night breakers on previous vehicles with no fail at the iTV station.

Thread: Are HID headlight bulb systems legal in Spain?


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