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21 Jul 2021 10:22 AM:


I don't think that this is a question of focusing on whether the property is illegal rather than having a survey - a buyer should do both. A buyer needs to make sure that the porperty is legal and also structurally sound, just like when buying in any country. It is unusual to have a survey in Spain but there are very good reasons why you should do so. I think part of the problem is that people get caught out by the higher cost of buying in Spain compared to the UK and therefore try and keep those costs down and a survey is easily dispensed with. Couple that with the misguided view that being somewhere warm means that there is likely to be fewer problems from a structural point of view and the fact that agents will discourage you from taking a survey because it can potentially get in the way of a sale and I woudl say that over 90% of people don't take out a survey. Most get away with it but some don't.



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