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23 Apr 2016 13:53:

Just a note from a non political agenda, this site is about people living in Spain who want to talk about experiences and advice, some times jokes some years ago, this very important subject has now to a in/out argument thread.

i have a apartment in Spain, I do not want to sell it! I want to live in it I have two options I believe:

1, we stay in the EU after the referendum or good talks in exit discussions though I think that could take 3 years!

2, we vote to leave and I will have to leave the UK, I'm 60, become a Spanish citizen, so will have to pay for medical care in Spain monthly, most likely loss auto pension increases when I take my state pension in 6 years, my small work drawdown pension will be ok but I will pay Spanish tax, I would have to move my UK assists to offshore accounts my UK financial advisor has already given me this advice.

this is the sort of thing we use this site for, not, who can provide the best word for word laws, if people want to argue there side of the referendum please start a thread " how to vote" I believe this thread is for the thousands of concerned uk part time or residents in Spain, who need advice on will happen after the vote, not what to vote! 

Im not getting into a argument, I have just given above the 2 options above I think are open to me and many others. 

Thread: BREXIT

09 Apr 2016 08:02:

A friend had a partner pass away in hospital, they expected him to have the body picked up within 3 hours, as there was no need for any investigation so the body needed picking up straight away, the whole thing coming at a time of grief was very upsetting for him, tHe need for insurance in Spain is the norm, that cost varies on cover required, I have one for me and the wife, we don't live in Spain all the time around 50/50 with the U.K., the policy I have covers all costs to return a body to Spain for cremation from anywhere in the world, it is with Mapfre, all others have them, you can use a English contact to do all the work for a small fee of 150e at a time of need, the policy does cover other things so costs depend on what you need covering.


08 Feb 2016 18:36:

The problem with migrants either economic or escaping war areas, once they land on uk soil, in the tunnel, English Chanel tunnel, they can apply for asylum, leaving the EU means not custom men in say Calais, French not bothered, so the people found in Dover would be asylum seekers and we have to keep them, so all it means is that the tent city in France will end up in Dover , great news, so we lose the east European workers, and gain untold amount of asylum seekers.



Thread: BREXIT

06 Feb 2016 17:29:

I'm one of the many that do not reside in Spain full time but take advantage of the EU freedom of movement, I have a property in Spain I spend no more than 6 months here, or around Europe, I'm 60 and took early retirement, I have a Spanish reg car and use EU insurance for it because of the unlimited time to drive in EU countries uk included on this, I fell foul of the new NHS rule for S1 healthcare for early retirees, so I use long term holiday insurance, I spend time in all EU countries, as it is a cheap way of life, and enjoyable, I'm also registered disabled.

if we leave the EU, I will have to return to theUK housing market, as full time living with my children is not possible, so as many in sin I would have to return to the uk, each year less people would move away from the UK, so do the papers that are driving the leaving of the EU, realise the possible 100,000 reduction of imergrants per year will be far out wade by the unregistered EU expats retuning to the UK, a lot in retirement and state dependant, people like myself who will need to stay in the uk, and would need to return to the state system, I need housing and then mobility again all that brings, you may say I and others have assets, which are around 40-50% of what we bought them for, and with all the above happening, selling our properties will be harder and at a lower cost than now!

up to 1 million returning expats plus the annual amount that may have left, that maybe 100,000 is nothing!

Thread: BREXIT

20 Jan 2016 16:26:

Yes "free" to me, I have beef planning to come over for a few years now, the credit crunch, ment I had to work a bit longer, then good old government changed the rules, NHS s1 form, 3 months before I left work, so I just spend winters now in Spain instead of full term, less than 6 months.

wanted to know about that Valencia medical access that we can pay in monthly, could not find any posts on it, may have to start one?


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