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06 Jun 2014 22:50:

Hi Sandy, Don`t know what warnings you have heard but I haven`t seen any Douanne or police at the Spanish border at Irun in the last 6 months. More Basque cops pulling lorries on the Spanish side.

Just don`t be taking many cigarettes through France, no more than 2 sleeves or the Douanne will confiscate more than that and fine you. I never see many cars getting pulled more vans and lorries, I got pulled off the road between Nantes and Rennes a few months ago. Opened the back of the lorry, drug dog was put in for a sniff around and then I was allowed to go, 10 mins maximum.


Can`t give any advice on dog friendly hotels as I have a nice comfy bunk in the lorry to sleep in.


Only warning I would give is do not stop for anyone other than a marked police or Douanne vehicle, particularly in Spain,there are many unmarked Police cars

 now, but if he is genuine and you don`t stop he will radio for a marked car to stop you. I have had two attempts at stopping me by potential robbers waving fake police badges at me. My gut instinct told me they were robbers and I just kept going when they tried to slow down in front of me. I took note of the make and model of the car, registration number and number of occupants and pulled into the first services I saw  Trafico car in and reported it.


When fuelling up, make sure you lock your car when going to pay.


Enjoy the drive and have a safe journey.



Thread: Driving back to UK with a dog

16 Jun 2013 07:52:

It`s all very well to say use a reputable company like Pickfords, but even they get searched at Customs. I like to think that I am also a reputable company but if a customer decides to slip large amounts of tobacco, alcohol or drugs,  if I get pulled at Customs and it`s found, then the load will be detained and searched thoroughly. That is why I require my customers to sign a declaration that they have packed the boxes themselves and that they do not contain any drugs, tobacco, alcohol, firearms, or any illegal substance. The only way to be sure your goods will be ok is to hire the whole lorry for yourself and know that only your goods are onboard. However in the real world that is not practical to have to pay to carry say 15 cu metres of goods on a lorry like mine that can carry 57 cu metres.

I came off the ferry in Poole this week and another well known removal firm was pulled into the Customs search bay just ahead of me. I got straight out the gate. It`s just your luck, sometimes a vehicle is pulled because the Customs have intelligence on that vehicle, if they have no intelligence on any vehicle coming off the ferry, then it`s just pot luck as to whether you finish up in the shed.


Thread: Warning - removals back to the UK

15 Jul 2012 19:17:

Hi Poppyseed,


Many thanks for the kind words,most appreciated.

We made it to Caen in time for our ferry,been all the way up to Scotland and now working back South loading up. Will be back in the sunshine next week.

All the best in your new home and hope the alterations go smoothly.


Regards  Jimbo

Thread: Removal from Spain to France

06 Mar 2012 00:00:

I was alerted to a message from lojnej aka Simon in my e-mails.

When I try to reply to that message,it is coming back to my pm`s,in other words,I`m sending the message to myself.

lojnej,if you didn`t get a copy of that message,please e-mail , at jimbothescot1@yahoo.co.uk.

Please note the figure 1 after my name.



Thread: Private Messages

07 Apr 2011 09:08:

I quite agree Jek,O`leary is a very astute businessman. Everytime he opens his mouth and makes a statement it creates publicity and there is no such a thing as bad publicity in his game.Even if it`s controversial,it gets everyone talking about his airline.

Easyjet just can`t match his prices anymore.

I`ve just booked a return from Alicante to Bournemouth for €64 return to fly my helper back to the UK.

I come off ferry at Portsmouth and drive down to Bournemouth and pick him up at the airport. If the helper was travelling with me on the ferry from Bilbao or Santander,then Brittany Ferries charge me €150 each way for the 2nd man.

So keep up the good work Ryanair.



Thread: Bad News for Ryanair - Alicante Flights


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