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02 Nov 2020 11:20:

This situation could arise for anyone who has been paying Class 2 Voluntary NICs to build up a UK pension to 100% while at the same time paying compulsory NICs in a European country.

I live and work in Spain and hope to retire in about 5 years. Previously I worked in the UK for 16 years. I have been paying self-employed National Insurance contributions in Spain and voluntary Class 2 NICs in the UK at the same time. Approximately 20 years of which will have been contributed at the same time (2006-2025).

I should end up with 35 years of NICs in the UK and 25 years of NICs in Spain.

What will happen when the National Insurance contributions are combined from the UK and Spain in excess of the minimum required, (currently 35 years in each country respectively to receive a full state pension)?  Am I entitled to 35/35 (100%) pension from the UK and 25/35 (70%) pension from Spain? Is it compulsory to have the pensions combined or can I elect to claim a pension separately from each country?

Hopefully someone can answer my question or direct me to an answer.

Thread: UK state pension of 100% NICs (inc. voluntary) and Spanish state pension of 70% NICs?


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