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10 Dec 2015 10:40 AM:

Thanks, they look the best bet for a longer duration , and their online help was very good too. 

Thread: TVaway IPTV

09 Dec 2015 12:28 PM:

Thanks, I am using is at the moment.  Like you it seems a tad expensive and was wondering about whether a cheaper alternative existed.

Thread: TVaway IPTV

09 Dec 2015 10:05 AM:

Has anybody any experience of using this service and are there any alternatives ?

Thread: TVaway IPTV

13 Oct 2015 8:21 AM:

Recently returned from a short golfing break and discovered that this company had nailed me for £120 hidden charges which you only find out about when you get your credit card bill.  Thet take €1200 insurance deposit from your credit card ( has to be a credit card) and later refund the €1200. They make a charge of £29 for each transaction and to cap it all they use a rate of 1.3 to extract the money and 1.4 to credit the money . I only had the rental 4 days!!  A total of approx £120 hidden charges .  

I suppose I was drawn in by the initial rental cost but never again will I use these, stick to Record or Malagacar.com. 

Thread: Delpaso car hire - Malaga ..AVOID

25 Jun 2013 3:53 AM:

Maria, I have seen plans to avoid iht that involve setting up a uk limited company to own the property and issuing shares to cover ownership. Is this viable?

Thread: Inheritance Tax for non-residents


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