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02 Feb 2010 11:46 AM:

Hi I would recommend going for a big dish if you can.  I ended up going for that option because I realised it would save me a lot of money in the long run as it would be my own and would only require a one-off payment for the equipment and the fitting etc.  I now have a 1.9 metre dish with Sky connected (which I sorted out myself through family in the UK) which gives me more channels than I need although you don't have to go for Sky if you are not there all the time as there are many other satellite boxes you could go for if you don't want the Sky channels you will still get BBC, ITV etc. 

Anyway if you are interested I used a company called Television Technology (966783944).  They were very knowledgeable and gave a good service and I haven't had any problems or any more to pay since I had it fitted around a year ago.  They also advised me how to go about getting Sky sorted out.  I don't live too far away from you so I'm sure Los Montesinos will be within their catchment area.

Thread: TV recommendations

17 Nov 2009 1:38 PM:

This makes interesting reading but peronally I think smoking is a terribel habit.  I tried it myself as a teenager as you do and just as well I thought it was nasty but I think what put me off most was seeing my parents smoke so heavily as a child and having to put up with the horrible smell of smoke around the house and on clothes etc. and seeing how they got if they didn't have a fag in their hand.

Unfortunately througout my teenage years and twenties I had to watch my father get sicker and sicker over the years because of effects of cigarettes ie. smokers cough, difficulty breathing, asthma and he finally died in 2006 from emphysema even though he gave up the habit 10 years before that.  Obviously for him it was 10 years too late.

I think people are irresponsible to themselves and their friends/family to deny the effects smoking will have on their health and to tell themselves that they actually enjoy doing it when they know the risks and the future they have to look forward to I think is awful.  My father didn't get any medical treatment for his condition because I think he knew he was never going to be cured and maybe he felt guilty about what he had done to his body and I really think that maybe people shouldn't receive medical treatment for conditions connected to smoking which are obviously self inflicted.  He was only 64 when he died and I think that he and a lot of people now live for years in denial to themselves about what they are doing to their bodies.

I for one will jump for joy when it is banned inside all public areas here in Spain 'cos I think it's disgusting that I have to breath in other peoples' smoke and think people really need a wake up call because many of them are obviously incapable of taking in and accepting the health information they are given about cigarettes so the choice needs to be taken away for them and I think that for many this ban will do that.

Luckily most of my friends are now also non-smokers and the last few who were clinging onto it for one reason or another are starting to realise that it's no longer worth the expense, health risks and being social outcasts etc.

In fact my best friend has recently stopped probably at the same place that Paul one of the previous posters went to using something called a Bioresonance machine (the company they used was called stop smoking in costa blanca I think) and I went with her to make sure she really went through with it!  Luckily she went from smoking over 40 a day to none at all and it only took 1 hour.  It was amazing and obviously pretty effective because after 2 months or so she is still off the cigarettes and now that I tell her it's gonna be banned completely I can't see her every going back to it.  

I really don't understand why more people don't make the effort to stop and continue telling themselves there is no problem with it and it's their choice etc.  I think really they are in denial and it actually makes me quite angry.  My mother still chews Nicotine gum and has been doing so for the past 5 years but next time she comes to visit I am determined to get her off Nicotine once and for all hopefully using the same method as my friend did.

Thread: smoking banned inside at end of the year!


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