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06 Nov 2007 12:00 AM:

Dear Reader,


Yesterday my Yorkshire terrier gave birth to a litter of 4 puppies. · of these are healthy and suckling from the mother, whereas one is smaller and has to be bottle fed with babies milk, as it cant feed itself. The mother hasn’t rejected it, so we feed it every 2 hours and then give it back to her to wash and look after.


This dog is obviously the runt of the litter and we are happy to hand rear it, if that’s what it takes, but I am concerned that it may be facially deformed.


I would be very happy to any readers who have experience with breeding dogs and can perhaps give an opinion, based on the picture I have provided.


Thank you!

Thread: My Yorkshire Terrier pup only weighs 50 grams!

25 Sep 2007 12:00 AM:

Hi All,
My partner and me own a bar/restaurant in Estepona and we have a comfortable standard of living. We have one child who is now actually a man as he has just turned 18.

About 5 years ago we decided, although we are not wealthy that we could afford to sponsor a Street Child in Kathmandu, Nepal. We asked the British based registered charity to send us information on children who were living in dire poverty. We said that we would prefer to sponsor a girl. We quickly received case studies of two girls both aged around 8 years. After studying the info and giving a great deal of thought to weather we were really prepared to commit to becoming the “godparents” of one of these children, we eventually chose to sponsor one of the little girls.

The girl we chose to sponsor (The cost was 450 euros pa.) is called Deepana and unlike most of the children in the boarding school where she now lives is not an orphan. Deepana was living in dire poverty tilling soil on her parent’s small plot of land. Deepana has parents, a sister and two brothers. The two boys receive a basic education, but there was never enough money available to educate the girls. The parents not wanting their daughters to live the same life of dire poverty, as they themselves had lived, made the heart wrenching decision to send their daughters away to a charity run boarding school on the other side of Nepal in the capital city of Kathmandu.

Whilst we are still running our bar, which we intend to sell, we get a lot of generous customers who want to put in something towards Deepana’s annual fees, but when we retire we will pay the 450 euros ourselves. She is very happy in her school and has many friends, but of course she misses her parents a lot.

Deepana is an intelligent and dedicated student and is doing very well in her studies. Apart from studying she learns traditional music and dance and plays several sports. We wouldn’t be surprised if she went onto university in the future, in which case we would continue to support her. When she has finished her studies she will be able to work and help support her whole family.

Deepana speaks three languages, one of which is English, so we get letters and cards from her and have actually seen and hear her speaking on DVD, which was a very emotional moment for us both.

We get a tremendous amount of joy out of helping a child in Nepal to have a warm comfortable place to live, where she is safe, receives regular meals and gets a comprehensive education.leading to a positive future for both Deepana and her family.

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Thread: Save a Street Child in Nepal for Just 1,50€ per Day!!!!!!!!!!!!

21 Sep 2007 12:00 AM:


Hi All,

I attended university in England and then went on to work for several years as a car body modeller, when I was made redundant there I worked as Petrochemical Piping Designer and finally I did 5 years as a teacher of CDT in Brentwood in Essex. I hated the weather. I hated the road Traffic Police and I hated Margaret Thatcher, so when my Mum passed away in 1985 I decided to sell everything I owned and try and make my living in Estepona in Spain.


I bought a an English style pub, but quickly realized, whilst selling alcohol brings in a living, food was where the real profit lay, so I sold the pub after two years and bought a Bar-Pizzeria-TA, which I have run together with my partner for the last 19 years. From our apartment, which is near the sea, we have fantastic views of : the Pillars of Hercules, the Sierra Bermeja mountain range and of course a wonderful view of the Mediterranean Sea.


My son studied for free in the sate system, but at the age of 13 we thought he would reach a better standard and have more chance of getting onto a “good” university course if we moved him to an Eng. International college, he was bilingual by that time. He’s now doing the second year of his A level course and looks set for Spanish university, leading to a professional career.


My partner and me own several properties both here and in South America. Probably if I’d stayed in the UK I would have made more money, but here I have a wonderful quality of life.


Neither myself or my partner have “business brains” and we have achieved everything by buying a bar-restaurant in West-Marbella (Which is an upmarket area.) and running it to the best of our abilities.


I would love to hear from other members who have started successful businesses in Spain.


If any members have questions about setting up bars or restaurants, I’ll try my best to answer them.

Thread: Things to Information. Have a LOOK !!!

20 Sep 2007 12:00 AM:

Hi All,

For those who would like to know more about how a 16-year-old Bilingual student living in Spain (Span-Eng.) can become a professional.


True stories:


My son studied at Spanish state school until it stopped providing a good service. This occurred when he was 13. As “good” parents we were forced to pay for him to go to a private English Int. college where he became a straight A student at IGCSE. He is now doing his A/S’s, but the private colleges on the CDS are rather poor and parents must keep a very close eye on how their son/daughter is progressing. A good British state school would be much better.


At A/S he got B, D, D,D and in all cases he was just a few % below the grade boundary, now he will have to do a bunch of expensive re-sits and should end up with A,C.C,C.

He was never pushed enough by his slightly apathetic teachers. However in his A2 year if he studies and revises more systematically, he has the chance to recover these grades which he feels are rather poor and may well end up with: A2 grades, A, B, B, (and one A/S grade C).

In a good British state school, as a straight A student at 16 he would not have slipped down the ladder as he has been allowed to do here on the CDS.

At 18 he will be able to enter a Spanish uni (With just 2 A levels, I think.) at a low cost (700-1,200€ pa) and he will be encouraged to do one year of his course in another country.


We also have a 25 year old “girl” on the Spanish/ Chilean side of our family. Based in Malaga city, she qualified thru the state system for Spanish uni and went to Almeria to study “Agricultura”. She got a grant to do her third year in Italy and may go on to do her Masters in France and then finally work there where Agricultural Scientists are well paid.


I hope that this information helps some readers, in an area where help and information have to be fought for.


If you have a 16 to 18 year old who wants to do higher Ed. Good Luck!

Thread: Getting your 16-18 year Old Thru. to Becoming a Professional Here in Spain.

14 Sep 2007 6:32 PM:

If you really, really want to come and live in Spain, then you must find a way to do it. Can you tell me do either of you speak Spanish? I've been here 20 years and don't regret leaving the UK.
Good Luck!

Thread: Could someone help us with where to start looking please.


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