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04 Sep 2009 12:50:

A development close to me also had the same problems regarding noisy holidaymakers using the pools after 10pm.

I was there one evening about midnight with friends and we could hardly hear a word of a conversation on the terrace due to noisy people in the pool.

The community put up signs saying that strong cleaning chemicals were automatically pumped into the pools after 10pm and that anyone using the pool after that time could not be considered for compensation should they contract any kind of physical complaint. There was also a long list of things the chemicals could do to harm people.

It worked a treat and this years there have been no problems at all.

Thread: Rough justice yet again!

29 Aug 2009 16:51:

"Spain has a fab climate, lovely bars & restaurants etc, but it ain't cheap no more!."


I fail to see why people think "cheap" is something good.

Cheap implies poor value for money and poor quality. So I don't want Spain to be cheap. Bulgaria can happilly have that mantra.

I am surprised with Suzies petition. After all her hard work, only 900 names. She has excelled at the publicity and media side, yet we know, according to goodstich there are tens, maybe hundreds of thousands of people with problems here in Spain. Goodstich says we scare them off the forums but why don't they sign Suzies petition anyway?

A few days ago whilst on a political forum in the European section, I mentioned the Spanish property debacle by citing the lacklustre judicial and legal systems in Spain, I mentioned the Priors case and the plight of the thousands who have been cheated out of their deposits. However, there was not a single poster with any sympathy, they were extremley hostile to the thoughts of anyone owning or buying a property abroad, there was a distinct attitude of "Tough" about their postings.

This goes to show the general attitude back in the UK, be it from the government or the public.

I am not surprised as there are many back there more worried about their family home and work to be the slightest bit interested in well-off people living it up in the sun with a second home.

When the UK media makes programmes like Paradise Lost, it isn't going to help gain support or sympathy, it's aimed at whipping up hostility towards the alleged wealthy Brits who have lost money trying to be a bit clever.

We are all perhaps a little guilty of announcing our property gains more vociferously than our losses. This is not really to do with the fear of bullying as goodstich says, it is more to do with the shame felt when we have made a bad decision or exposed ourselves to a conman. Couple that with the general lack of sympathy as mentioned on the political forum and general glee at wealthy people losing money in class envy UK and it's not surprising why there are on 900 names out of possible thousands on Suzies petition.


Thread: Rough justice yet again!

27 Aug 2009 19:11:

Easy tiger, that's after the race


27 Aug 2009 18:47:

I'm surprised you are not a member of www.zdkf1.com


I came 33rd out of 1880 last year, I can't /won't tell you where I am this year, Brawn rather threw my predictions some what!


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27 Aug 2009 18:39:

"As you say, many forums are a stomping ground for the enraged and bitter. Doesn't that tell you something about the Spanish property industry and why change is so badly needed?"


It would tell me something if it were thousands, even hundreds of different accounts.

But the fact is, it is the same 2 or 3 dozen!

I don't see anyone on this thread or any others disagreeing with the need for some kind of fast track justice for the victims.

But as these threads become longer, then every 2 or 3 pages someone repeats -often in a rant- the same personal attacks and accounts!

People like Norman, as I see it, want to moved on from his own example, he is waiting for some constructive approach, yet I see him knocked back by the recycled personal examples of loss.

I have noticed some very useful contributions on this thread, norman has grasped them, but so many have passed them by. This has lead to missed opportunities and consequently little comfort or hope.

Your last post goodstich;..........

"The changes so badly needed will benifit all. Those of us cheated are just that. people who have done nothing bad, but just wont sit back and be robbed by those who have."

"What we won't come to terms with is those who are parted from their money by crooks not getting the justice they deserve due to a hopeless justice system. "


..........Is just constant repetition, you have said these things so many times. It rather reminds me of John Cleese (Reg) in the "Life of Brian" - everone knows Brian is being crucified, they want to do something about it, but Reg just wants to debate it again and again!

We should now be able to move on to identifying things like what is the process for group action against a lawyer, agent, developer, judge. Where is the paperwork, who will fill it out, who will deleiver it, who will follow it through, who will report back, what is the next step, how much will each stage cost?

I have noticed every time someone on this thread asks one of those questions, the same people recite their example once again.

I am eager to hear the answers from people like Maria and Lawbird to the questions but they simply dissapear as the same recitals come around again and again.

Thread: Rough justice yet again!


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