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28 Dec 2009 12:58 PM:

It is sad when this happens, may I wish those returning every success. For me it is still about going the other way; putting the UK house on the market and relocating in Almeria from (hopefully) March/April/May onwards. Initially we would be renting until the right property is found. I am now retired with a pension and some saving to fall back on, but my partner would be looking for any work he can get. I would be interested in the general concensus of opinion as to whether you feel this would be a foolish move.

Happy New Year.



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Thread: Goodbye to all......with a sad heart

26 Sep 2008 12:37 AM:

Interesting article for us as this is the area we intend to move to, probably between Paolmares and Garrucha or Turre area.
I found the lack of transport infrastructure from Palomares frustrating, having had to make a considerable walk to catch a bus into Vera. Hiring a scooter from Mojacar was the best thing we did, so purchasing one on arrival will be one of the first things we do.
Reading articles from other subscribers has made us decide to take a 3 month rental on an apartment while looking for that elusive ideal property within our budget. Perhaps some suggestions on long term rental properties would be useful, if anyone has any suggestions. We intend to make the permanent move around July/August of next year. Any suggestions welcomed.
Malcolm aka Gamekeeper

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