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16 Aug 2009 11:27:


We drive back v often, and alough I drive with no over night stops, avoiding the tolls will add approx 9hrs to the drive from le harve down to murcia. However the fuel saving is not enough to warrent paying france our hard earned euro in tolls!!! Avoid the back way through the mountains as even in June there was still snow up there so febuary will be a big no no unless you have snow chains.

The best road to use would be the N10 through france,Le Harve- Le Manns and then down , a mix of duel roads and fast single roads. head to bourgos on the south west of france and then (with only one small toll) you can cross in to spain and then down with no further tolls (Madrid to Albecete then the A30/31 to Murcia. this road is better than the E15-A7 west coast road as there are mainly tolls and will take slightly longer.

We drive a 3ltr LWB Fiat van, fuel form torrevieja to portsmouth approx 200-230 euros and it takes us 25hrs (back non toll roads) from torrevieja to Le harve.

Ferry prices vary but i would book 4-6 weeks before

for over night stays check out F1 hotels, fair prices and pets welcome too or some nice b&b's along the route.


Thread: First time driving from North West UK - Murcia

16 Aug 2009 10:38:


This problem has been particulary bad this year, we have had a few pools wih the same problem, one of the main causes has been palm trees near to pools that have flowered this year.  We had to give the pools very high dosages of chlorine granules and allowed it to settle on the bottom of the pool allow to start to disolve  allow to settle on bottom of pool covering effected areas and then use the brush to scrub the tiles and grout. Continue brushing the effected area for a couple of days, you should see a marked difference within 24 hours. The downside is you cannot use the pool for a number of days until the chlorine level is back to a safe reading, however this is far less expensive than changing the pool water.  If you do have palms that have flowered in your garden remove the the flowering stems. To help keep the problem at bay keep the chlorine level to the highest safe reading.

If you intend to go along the unnecessary route of draining the pool please be aware if you do use a jet washer it is very likely that the grout will be removed also therefore adding more expence for you. So far we have managed to cure 100% of pools with this problem by using the above method,  now all pools are back in use and chemical levels back to safe reading and no more mould has appeared !



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Thread: Help! The grout in my pool is going black!


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