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Soy... una mujer

Sobre mi... 29 year old wife and mum with a new baby on the way in April! Just started a property management and building business with my husband.

Vivo en... Estepona,Malaga

Trabajo de... Property management and builders

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11 Jul 2010 00:23:

Bless you Sue@

But I didnt come on here for charity. Someone,whom I will not name unless they want me to has already offered me money but I cannot accept these very kind offers. I only wanted advice or help if anyone knew someone in the Registro Civil. Free cash is not the reason I posted this info but I thank everyone for you kind messages and thoughts. Your support has truly been a blessing to me.

Vicci xx

Thread: Goodbye to all......with a sad heart

11 Jul 2010 00:14:


No, I am not saying these things because I am no longer trading. When we decided to start our company it was because of all the other firms ripping people off,we wanted to be true and do what we said. Unfortunately things didnt work out for me and I was trying to advise others. I did not intend to be attacked and I have too many other issues so I will not get involved again. I was just giving my view.

BECAUSE there is always such an issue getting deposits back, people tend to see out the final month without paying rent and say we are even. This is not the owners fault but the fault of agents screwing people over so often.

Anyway, good luck you guys. I wish it to work out for you


Thread: Bad experience with long term rental

09 Jul 2010 23:25:

Hi Justin and Sue, did you oth get my messages.@

I have had 4 friends calling both Estepona and Marbella all day and NO ONE answers the phone! I am heading there AGAIN monday morning. Monday is my last day here so it should be great fun! Especially since my mum is baby sitting so I can go out and watch the final on Sunday! Hung over in the civil registro sound great!!


Thread: Goodbye to all......with a sad heart

09 Jul 2010 23:19:

Hi Infra

This is a quite regular thing with renters here and across the world. Did you not take a security deposit and if you did,was it not enough to cover the damages. The standard here is tenents must pay 1 month rent, 1 month security and sometimes 1 month commision to the agent.  I moved into an apartment with my husband and baby which I had to clean before I moved in, once we were living there we found that both toilets had been blocked by the last tenants and flies were everywhere! The agent did nothing for 4 weeks and when my husband finally did it himself and handed them the bill they were outraged!!!

All I am saying is, if you are not here to see it all for yourself, dont trust an agent as sometimes they work on their own behalf. Could they be trying to get money out of you or keep the deposit when there is no need....... I have lived here a long time now and I dont believe I have ever heard of anyone getting a security deposit back. Agents seem to always find some reason not to!

Thread: Bad experience with long term rental

08 Jul 2010 09:29:

Welcome and Enjoy!!


Thread: Very Fresh


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