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13 Sep 2014 14:18:


On the 8th of September I asked for my profile/account to be deleted from this site, as I could not do it myself, due to no delete button on my profile.

It still has not been deleted.

Please could this be done immediately.

Thank You.

Thread: Remove My Profile From This Site Please

05 Jun 2014 22:25:

Thanks Bobaol and All...your help was much appreciated.


Thread: Healthcare Contributions For The Disabled

05 Jun 2014 21:58:

Thank you Kathyslad...so the S1 route is the only way. Might have to rethink the offer. No point moving if I keep contact with the UK. I wanted to go spanish all the way :)

Much appreciated.

Thread: Healthcare Contributions For The Disabled

05 Jun 2014 21:44:

Hi John

"then I do not see how you will be able to do otherwise than inform the Spanish authorities that you have an income from UK"

That is precisely what I won't have. I will have NO income from the UK. I will be cancelling my DLA instead of exporting it to Spain with me, as I am legally entitled to do. My income will be a small one in Spain under the tax threshold...in return for living in and house sitting/pet sitting/doing mail etc.

As a disabled person who would be legally registered in Spain and living under Spanish rules and law with NO connection to the UK and NO income from the UK, I would be legally entitled to pay E60 per month as contributions in Spain, not the usual E250. All legal and above board. Nothing shady about it.

In fact, quite the opposite...I'm giving back money that legally I could bring with me.

I do not want to be "anonymous" in Spain. Not sure where that oddity came from! 

What I need to know is...What do I need to provide the Spanish state on arrival as proof of disability to qualify paying the E60 rate instead of E250 rate?

Thanks for trying to help though.

Thread: Healthcare Contributions For The Disabled

05 Jun 2014 19:01:

Thanks guys.

Will give that link a look Bobaol. That is my problem I think. Legally I am entitled to use the S1 route which would cover my first year (and would be what I would be using if I transferred my DLA) but DON'T WANT TO. As that is then what links me back to the UK...who I want to cut all ties with.

If I have to be resident and contributing for just one year before healthcare can be accessed Camposol...I will consider that a blessing. I have had ZERO healthcare in the UK for 6 yrs (NHS hospitals) and 4yrs (NHS doctors). I am not your usual kettle of fish/arrival...I'm a UK abused whistleblower blocked from anything other than the basic benefits to survive...including vital life sustaining medication and pain relief. IE No healthcare. No legal access. No reporting crimes against me. ETC.

Thanks for your responses both...they have helped me see what I really need to ask. Not very good at this am I!

Will my UK disability award letters and building society statements showing disability payments from 2006/2014 be enough to prove my disability entitlement on arrival, so I can contribute the monthly fee of E60 instead of the higher rate the non disabled pay?

Thread: Healthcare Contributions For The Disabled


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