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14 Aug 2019 00:11:


So funny. It is like shooting fish in a barrel.

See you in a couple of years to report back on how much more the value of my investment has reached in real terms as opposed to having left the cash in a bank.


Thread: Upturn in Spanish property sales?

05 Jul 2019 01:06:

A few years since I last posted on this thread. Property value now at 142% of purchase price after less than four years.

Well on the way to my guestimate of 200-300% rise in 10 years

I am wondering if people are still thinking house prices in Spain are not on the up?

Roly2? laughlaughlaugh

See you in 2025. Still optmimistic on that 200%-300% increase wink

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Thread: Upturn in Spanish property sales?

01 Jun 2017 19:23:

Thanks Roberto, I wasn't aware. So the NRT tax was for the 2015 tax year.


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Thread: When do I become liable for IBI & non residence tax

01 Jun 2017 00:20:

I just followed the advice of my lawyers who told me when NRT and IBI were payable and how much I had to pay. They happen to be the lawyers who wrote the article that johnzx linked above. As stated in the article, the seller is responsible for the full year's IBI for the year of sale. It is unusual for the vendor to demand a proportional part of the tax back.

Also, as it says in the article, when buying a property, buyers need to ensure that it states in the title deed that the vendor is responsible for the entire payment of IBI in the year which the sale takes place. My lawyers asked the vendor to provide proof that the tax had been paid for 2015 prior to completion.

Roberto, with respect to the NRT charge in June 2016, the demand related to the 2015/16 tax year.

DelAndMax fyi, NRT was €45 and IBI €225. I don't rent out my apartment.

Further guidance here:

I. Non-Resident Income Tax
The overview of this first tax is split depending on whether you rent the property out or not – either way you are going to pay it. It is strongly advised you hire a lawyer to file this tax on your behalf. Lawyers are covered by professional indemnity insurance in case of malpractice or negligence. Make sure that whoever files taxes on your behalf has insurance in place from which to claim from.

II. IBI Tax (Impuesto sobre Bienes Inmuebles)
This tax applies to both residents and non-residents. In some parts of Spain, it is known as SUMA.

This is a local tax levied by the town hall where your property is located. It is paid once a year (normally due in August through to November). It is equivalent to the UK’s Council tax.  It varies from one town hall to the next. It is based on the rateable value of your property (0.4 – 1.1% of cadastral value per annum); for cheap properties it can be as low as a few hundred euros whereas posh pads, in sought-after areas, may command a couple thousand euros.

It is highly advisable you set this tax as a standing order. The reason is because failure to pay may lead to your property being seized and sold in a public auction. Town halls are becoming increasingly aggressive pursuing this local tax post-credit-crunch; particularly for high-end property.

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Thread: When do I become liable for IBI & non residence tax

30 May 2017 21:16:

I exchanged on my property in March 2015. The owner on 1st January was responsible for IBI tax for 2015. I became liable in 2016 and was billed in September 2016. My first non residence tax bill was in July 2016.



Thread: When do I become liable for IBI & non residence tax


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