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15 Apr 2017 19:31:

Danyboy, good advice from Lifeline to rent before you buy. You will only get a good feel for a place by living there, if only for a few days.

Are you looking to move to Spain permanently or looking for a holiday property? If the former, then I would agree with Jarvi's advice that you would be better to buy a property in an established community rather than a gated community. However, if you are looking for a holiday property, a gated community with 24x7 security, perimeter fencing etc is much more secure.

If you are looking for a property on a gated community with a golf course, Lifeline's recommendation of La Torre Golf Resort is a good one. They have good facilities and it is in a good location - handy for local restaurants, bars, shops and supermarkets in Roldan and Balsicas.  Handy for the airport and beaches and a short drive from Murcia, Cartagena and La Zenia at Torrevieja.

Las Terrazas de la Torre Golf Resort is also nearby. Not as many facilities as La Torre but better value for money with respect to the property prices. It has a golf course, pro shop, bar, restaurant and supermarket on site. Read more about it here

La Tercia United Golf Resort as I understand it has no facilities. It is cheaper again in terms of property prices but a bit further away from the beaches and airport.

All depends on what you want and what your budget is.

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Thread: Looking to buy propriety in La Teria

10 Apr 2017 21:36:

If it is a smartphone, the easiest way is to back up your photos to dropbox, one drive, google drive or similar cloud service. Simply download the relevant app to your phone. They are available for android, iOS and windows phones. Set the app to back up your photos automatically and it all happens by magic.

Make sure you are on a wifi connection and not data. Remember to choose a strong password.

If it isn't a smartphone then you will need to refer to your phone instructions. On very old camera phones this will involve some kind of cable connected to your laptop/desktop computer and even some application installed on your laptop/desktop. If it isn't so old, you can probably back up the photos via wireless.

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Thread: Mobile Phone Question

02 Apr 2017 17:15:

‘We believe that a growing economy, low financing costs, good potential for rental returns and capital appreciation will continue to drive sales throughout 2017 and beyond,’ he said.

But his firm has found that Brexit had a noticeable effect on sales to British buyers in the second half of 2016 but he believes that this was mainly due to the depreciation of the pound rather than concerns about the country’s future in Europe.

‘Across Spain as a whole Brits still dominate foreign sales with nearly a fifth of the market share, more than double that of French buyers, he pointed out, adding that diminishing demand for high end homes in London following Brexit could also see non-EU citizens look to Madrid or Barcelona in the forthcoming months.

He believes that there is still pent up demand from potential British buyers, citing figures that show that overseas searches for Spanish property via Kyero reached all-time highs after the referendum vote in June, up over 50% on 2015. The portal’s largest agents also reported seeing record attendance at UK investor shows.

He predicts that older British home owners with no mortgages on their properties and looking for a holiday home will be tempted to buy in Spain in 2017 and beyond. ‘In short, British buyers age 50 plus who love Spain are sitting on huge equity piles and Brexit didn’t diminish their wealth and as a group, British buyers are getting richer,’ said Speigal.

But he warned that they will haggle over prices and will want to get value for their money. ‘The hunt for value will translate to a key trend in the Spanish property market in 2017 with buyers seeking good value properties that offset the drop in Sterling’s value. Evidence is already emerging of the benefits of this on lower priced destinations, which look set to boom in 2017,’ he added.



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Thread: Spanish and Uk overseas housing market

09 Mar 2017 00:44:

I am surprised to read this, I have used interrent on numerous occasions without any problems. Both from Alicante and San Javier airports. The cars have always been new and clean.

I never go for full/empty as it is a compete rip-off with all car rental companies. full/full is the way to go.

Having said that, I have found their service to be poor on occasion with respect to pick up and drop off. I had a long wait for my car on one occasion and on another I was charged a surcharge for picking up late on a Friday. To be fair it was in the contract.

I've never had a problem with using my own excess waiver insurance and on my last booking in December 2016, the excess amount blocked was €300. This was unblocked with no problems on return of the vehicle

Recently I have found Firefly to be better value so have booked them for April and June this year.

Hints for booking any car rental

  • Book in advance, prices usually go up nearer the dates
  • Use DoYouSpain. They offer free cancellations on most bookings should you find a cheaper rental
  • Book full/full. The headline rate looks cheaper when you book full/empty but once you have paid for fuel admin charges and increase fuel charges and/or no refund for fuel in the tank it is not such a bargain
  • Take out waiver protection insurance before you commence the hire. The company will block the excess amount on your card and unblock on return (except Dickmanns who debit the excess and can take up to 2 months to refund). The default insurance covers for everything, including theft. The excess insurance covers any excess you would have to pay.

Thread: Inter Rent Car Hire Murcia., Stay Away Warning

07 Mar 2017 23:54:

ElsieTanner asked

"Why would you need it OP.

It’s just a tax of €6.75 and a load of wasted time (photos, form filling, day out at polive station, pack lunch) for something that is useless and nobody wants.

It’s not even a discount card for McDonalds."

As Maria said "After five years residence registration you are entitled to apply for a certificate of permanent residence in Spain."

So, if after Brexit, there were residency restrictions for Brits as they were no longer EU members this could be a way to qualify for permanent resident status?

Thread: When do we need to register?


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