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Never wrestle with a pig. You will both get dirty and the pig will enjoy it.

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09 Dec 2016 17:57:

Great news from the EU 

EU negotiators will offer Brits an individual opt-in to remain EU citizens, chief negotiator confirms

EU negotiators will offer British people the chance to individually opt-in and remain EU citizens as a proposal in Brexit negotiations, the European Parliament’s chief negotiator has confirmed.

The plan would see Brits offered individual “associate citizenship”, letting them keep free movement to live and work across the EU, as well as a vote in European Parliament elections.

Thread: BREXIT

31 Oct 2016 00:35:



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Thread: Taking the plunge - Moving to Spain

11 Sep 2016 23:19:


Speaking as someone who moved to Iran in the 1970s (pre-revolution) at age 13. I joined a community school there. My best friends were Lithuanian, Hungarian, Swedish, Indian, American and of course Iranian.

It was a great experience. Taught me to appreciate other people and cultures. It didn't do me any harm whatsoever and I actually think it was a major personal developmental experience. I also got a more rounded education. Went on to get a get a degree and a masters at UK universities, so it didn't hold me back educationally either.

As an aside, in this world of multinational organisations. Experience of living abroad is a major plus for someone's CV.

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Thread: Moving to Spain

10 Sep 2016 23:23:

Start here

How to buy property in Spain

Then get yourself a good English speaking Spanish lawyer

List of English speaking lawyers in Spain

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Thread: House to buy

09 Sep 2016 00:25:

Well off topic now acer....

Love Socrates' wikipedia entry 'Sócrates was a Brazilian footballer who played as an attacking midfielder. His doctorate in medicine and his political awareness earned him the nickname "Doctor Socrates"'

Sadly, not my mate Socrates who is a bit of a philosopher, but not an ancient one.


Thread: Upturn in Spanish property sales?


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