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09 Mar 2017 00:44:

I am surprised to read this, I have used interrent on numerous occasions without any problems. Both from Alicante and San Javier airports. The cars have always been new and clean.

I never go for full/empty as it is a compete rip-off with all car rental companies. full/full is the way to go.

Having said that, I have found their service to be poor on occasion with respect to pick up and drop off. I had a long wait for my car on one occasion and on another I was charged a surcharge for picking up late on a Friday. To be fair it was in the contract.

I've never had a problem with using my own excess waiver insurance and on my last booking in December 2016, the excess amount blocked was €300. This was unblocked with no problems on return of the vehicle

Recently I have found Firefly to be better value so have booked them for April and June this year.

Hints for booking any car rental

  • Book in advance, prices usually go up nearer the dates
  • Use DoYouSpain. They offer free cancellations on most bookings should you find a cheaper rental
  • Book full/full. The headline rate looks cheaper when you book full/empty but once you have paid for fuel admin charges and increase fuel charges and/or no refund for fuel in the tank it is not such a bargain
  • Take out waiver protection insurance before you commence the hire. The company will block the excess amount on your card and unblock on return (except Dickmanns who debit the excess and can take up to 2 months to refund). The default insurance covers for everything, including theft. The excess insurance covers any excess you would have to pay.

Thread: Inter Rent Car Hire Murcia., Stay Away Warning

07 Mar 2017 23:54:

ElsieTanner asked

"Why would you need it OP.

It’s just a tax of €6.75 and a load of wasted time (photos, form filling, day out at polive station, pack lunch) for something that is useless and nobody wants.

It’s not even a discount card for McDonalds."

As Maria said "After five years residence registration you are entitled to apply for a certificate of permanent residence in Spain."

So, if after Brexit, there were residency restrictions for Brits as they were no longer EU members this could be a way to qualify for permanent resident status?

Thread: When do we need to register?

05 Mar 2017 12:21:

inspectahome said "I am sure that people are getiing really fed up with these attackes on the forum so I will try to keep this simple as it sems that the date of the article has been ignored"

Actually Roy, you attacked me and said that I should check my facts. I did and presented them to you. As usual when faced with facts that are contrary to the misleading opinions that you spout on this forum, you ignore the questions, go on the defensive and accuse everyone of being a lynch mob.

The fact is, as Maria has pointed out, buying off-plan is a risky way to buy property. It is a legal minefield. It is more risky now than it was when you wrote that article yet you are now telling everyone it is 100% safe.

As Maria said "a good independent lawyer with deep knowledge of off plan Law is essential". Even then, there are lawyers around who are not as competent as they should be. Worse, there are others who live in the pockets of the developers. Even if you do everything right and get all the guarantees it can take years fighting through the courts to get your money back if the development goes wrong.

Those Roy, are the facts. Not an attack, not a lynch mob.

However, I will call you out. You said on page 1 of this topic "What ads is correct about is licencing, if there is not a building licence then they cannot issue aa BG and the other trend is for builders to try and say that first you buy the land, no BG, I will not promote these properties, don't pay anything in cash"

Yet yesterday you gleefully sent me a gloating private message that said "Villas are selling well on Terrazes, I have not sold one yet but have people there on Mondau so here's hoping" You know these off-plan villas do not have a building licence. So which is it Roy?

You also repeatedly ask for examples from the last three years where buying off-plan has gone wrong. Why don't you ask the buyers of off-plan properties in blocks 271 and 272 on Las Terrazas what their experiences have been buying off-plan from the same developer who it now touting the villas? You don't really need to look far to find problems with off-plan purchases today, never mind since 2015 or whenever you want to restart Spanish property history from.

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Thread: My Offer has been accepted

05 Mar 2017 02:52:

inspectahome wrote:

"as we all know the market changes and so do consumer laws and what hasn't been mentioned was that the CNN article was actually in 2009, Duncan check your facts"

OK Roy, here are the facts

Ley 20/2015 repeals an almost half-century-old law about bank guarantees that in recent years – thanks to a series of pro-consumer decisions by the Supreme Court – has heavily favoured purchasers in disputes with developers, banks and insurers.

  • The first change concerns a buyer’s right to demand a refund of sums paid in advance (and that are guaranteed by a bank or insurance company), in the event the developer does not deliver the property on time. Until now, this right could not be waived. From next January (2016) it may be, allowing an unscrupulous developer to slip such a clause into a contract.
  • Secondly, buyers used to be covered for all amounts advanced to a developer, even those paid prior to the granting of a building license which can take months to secure. But from 2016 on, you can only recoup funds paid once a license has been granted.

This new legislation leaves buyers in a significantly more vulnerable position, restricting their rights, curtailing guarantee periods and making the process of putting in a claim much more bureaucratic than before

Which part of that law change inspired you to change from advising clients to not buy off plan to advising them that it was now more safe, in fact 100% safe to do so?

As an aside, for the clients you are selling off plan villa properties to on Las Terrazas de la Torre to on Monday, properties which do not have building permits, are you going to tell them that there are no building permits and that their bank guarantees won't cover their deposits?

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Thread: My Offer has been accepted

05 Mar 2017 02:15:

Hi Fhanrah,

Yes, you did ask a simple question and I hopefully gave you a helpful response with respect to obtaining a lawyer and some things to look out for as posted on the UK government website.

Unfortunately the very next post was inspectahome extolling the virtues of buying off plan and telling everyone it was 100% safe when it very clearly isn't.

As per previous advice, get yourself a good, independent lawyer.

Good luck.

Thread: My Offer has been accepted


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