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22 Mar 2018 10:25 AM:

Appreciate your comments Windtalker. My posts are few as I just get fed up with threads being taken over and getting personal.

Agree totally with gazzerb, here on Southern Costa Blanca last year we had less than 200 mms of rain so the more rain we get now the better for everybody. December here was lovely, January we hit 26 degrees and yesterday was 14 degrees ! Oh well they did have snow in the Sahara this year !

As for Pedro, he now drives a Mercedes.

Thread: Weather gripe

21 Mar 2018 10:23 PM:

If that is the case Windtalker it does not explain your comment about the Costa Blanca. 

Not sure on this thread where the running down of the UK is really mentioned ?

The thread is meant to be about the weather.

Thread: Weather gripe

21 Mar 2018 9:04 PM:

What I do not understand is why people who have an obvious resentment of Spain spend their time checking this forum.

I also resent comments about where people live on Costa Blanca.

Yes the weather has been hit and miss so far this March but guess what in a week or so it will be warm and sunny and stay that way for the next six or seven months. Period.

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Thread: Weather gripe

12 Feb 2018 11:22 AM:

Does anybody know when making the online appointment for Residencia, for a couple do you have to make two separate appointments or just make the one and you both go ?

Thank you



Thread: Residencia application

02 Jun 2017 5:18 PM:

Hi All

Does anybody have any ideas where you can see the British Lions games in New Zealand live at any bars, etc in and around the Orihuela Costa ?

I have been looking but the games kick off at 9.35 AM and a lot of the bars do not open until 12.00PM.

Thanking you.



Thread: British Lions games


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