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12 Feb 2012 19:11:


I belive the rule now applies to all EU citizens. It is discrimatory and illegal to treat EU residents differently than Spanish residents.

So if you are resident in any other EU country you are treated the same as Spanish residents.

This is from The tax agencies website.

What is the taxable base when a non-resident has a rented building in Spain?

In general, the taxable base is the total amount received from the tenant including, if applicable, the amount of all assets included with the building and excluding Value Added Tax. No expenses may be deducted from the total amount of income obtained from this calculation.

Nevertheless, as we are dealing with taxpayers resident in another European Union member state, with regard to income earned from 1-1-2010, the expenses described in the law on personal income tax (IRPF) can be deducted when calculating the taxable base, as long as proof is provided that these expenses are directly related to the income

Thread: Tax on Rental-Deductions

07 Feb 2012 11:16:

John,thanks for your reply.

I was not aware of the need for a permit from the government etc. I would hazard a guess that virtually nobody who rents out an apartment, knows about or has such permission.Has anyone ever been caught out by this?

In relation to the tax,I have researched it via official channels( Tax office website) as I always pay my annual tax online with my user certificate. As of last year EU Residents are able to make deductions on rental received, the same as residents. Finally something beneficial from the EU.

Thread: Tax on Rental-Deductions

06 Feb 2012 00:00:

I am considering renting my apartment out , having owned it for a few years and always paying my annual taxes.

EU residents are allowed to deduct costs( mortgage interest, taxes,community fees etc) from the gross rent received.This is payable either when the rent is due or every 3 months.The question I have is how do I apply the deductions?

In the UK I would submit an annual return.So if I received 10 weeks rentals totalling 2000 euros during the year I would be able to deduct my expenses of 6000 euros for the year and thus make a loss and have no tax to pay.

However,do I add my expenses up for the year( 6000 euros) and then divide by 52 weeks to get 115 euros a week expenses.I would then be liable to pay tax on any rental of more than 115 euros for a week. It appears that I can only claim expenses on the weeks actually being let and the weeks it is empty would not count.

Like I said it is simple enough for an annual return,but gets confusing when the declarations have to be made every month or every 3 months.

Anyone got any advice?

Thread: Tax on Rental-Deductions

20 Nov 2010 20:48:


Go to the aeat website( aeat.es)  on the top right of the page you will see - sede electronica Oficina Virtual. Click on that.

Click on English in top right of page.  Under  Important Formalities, third one down is Check and modify Tax Address.

Click on that and you get Cambio de Domicilio with Modelo 030 under that. Click on Modelo 030.

If you have your certificate it will ask for that. Then you go to the form and fill it in and submit. It is updated quickly and you can even request the tax stickers. Although I didn,t need them I asked anyway to see if they were delivered and sure enough they arrived at my apartment within the month.

You need to have a Spanish bank account that links in with the tax agency to pay any taxes.You can access all your previous tax payments and so easy to do online once set up I don,t know why everyone does not do it.I try to pass the word on forums as a lot of people probably don,t realise you can and how easy it is

Thread: Online registration for the payment of non resident’s la renta tax

19 Nov 2010 23:14:


Once you have registered online and have your certificate you can change your fiscal address on line using form 30 very easily.

Thread: Online registration for the payment of non resident’s la renta tax


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