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26 Jul 2012 21:25:


Lady Warmer - named after a WW2 Collier.

It's a Moody 64 bearthed at Royal Yatch Club in Perth.


Thread: How do I stop this nonsence

26 Jul 2012 20:21:

Sorry to upset you Mickyfinn in my 40-years in UK paid a lot of tax and never had a handout and don't need it now just want it to go too someone where it will make a difference. As such will use Steve647 suggestion, then I chose who gets it.

There really is no need for sour grapes because I've got my finances in order and am trying to do the right thing.

Thought it would be easy todo but dealing with DWP from a distance has proved 'challenging'.

Most EoS users have a collective wisdom and knowledge on a wide range of subjects and its good to tap into from time to time.



Thread: How do I stop this nonsence

26 Jul 2012 17:30:


FYI am resident on a sailboat, registered in Bermunda, currently moored in Perth WA but will be moving with me in September to cruise The Pacific Islands (always has been my dream).

So no not resident anywhere, House in Oxford owned by BVI company and have sold all property in Oz so can take my income tax free.


Thread: How do I stop this nonsence

26 Jul 2012 17:18:

As many of you say it looks like it was my fault. in trying to clear all my affairs before returning to Oz I almost certainly completed the DWP forms and gave my Bank details.

As it so happens I now live back in Oz only spending a few months in the UK for the summer cricket and BBC Proms and have decided that I really don't need the pension payments nor winter fuel payments.

I have written to DWP about the payments but have had no reply, this maybe because I live on a sailboat in Oz and gave that and an email for reply.

Steve647 seems to have a good suggestion - no not to you but to charities vis DD.

No other agenda just an Oz who sees the mother country in need and I really don't need benefits.

Looking fwd to The London games and the SAfers cricket, the opening rehersal of the games was just fantastic - well done London


Thread: How do I stop this nonsence

26 Jul 2012 16:02:

Having reached the grand old age of 65 the UK government have decided to pay me a more than generous pension.

However, I have never asked for, nor do I want to receive the payments they credit to my account every four weeks. I have a more than generous series of  investments that are more than enough for me so my question is -- How do I stop them sending it as the UK government are in more need than I am?

I tried to stop the winter allowance but gave up and put  into a local charity tin. But since I now live for most of the year overseas is there anyway I can stop this nonsence.


Thread: How do I stop this nonsence


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