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07 May 2015 21:07:

To all Medsea Victims,

                     Another Medsea director was ** EDITED - Against forum rules **  He has been director of a whole list of UK companies, all of which have gone bust - leaving all the investors (except him) losing all their money. ** EDITED - Against forum rules **

A well-wisher, who wishes he had never heard of this shyster and his self-enriching scams. 


Thread: Medsea Properties

07 May 2015 21:00:

Another Medsea director Andrew McEwan Meikle, has floated a whole list of companies in the UK all of which have gone bust leaving everyone (except him) with total loss of invested money - google his name and see for yourself.  He is a crooook of the first order and I would love to get my hands on him.  His last address was Kemps Barn, Queens Lane, Arundel, W. Sussex BN18 9JN.  Avoid him and any of his companies like the plague - if you ever want to keep your money.

Thread: Another one to Beware of

07 May 2015 20:51:

The Medsea director with the initials A.M.M. has also been involved (Director) of a whole list of other companies - every one of which has gone under, leaving thousands of honest investors with total loss of money.  I am not allowed to say he is an out and out crook and fraudster, so I won't.  Watch out for his name and avoid like the plague.  Days before I lost all my money, he was telling everyone how the company was about to go into profit and we should invest more.  Funny that! 

A well wisher who wishes he had never heard of this individual or any of his self-enriching schemes.

Thread: Another One To Watch Out For


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