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21 Sep 2015 11:35:

We have always used HTS in Torreviejo which cover Murcia and Alicante Airports. They have an all inclusive price for picking you up at the airport, taking you to your villa/hotel where you hire car will be waiting and then when you want to go back, they pick your car up or you follow to the airport where they collect the car....no insurance is needed as they insure the car, all they ask is you don't drink drive and obviously take care of the car and just send the car backw ith the same fuel that was already in the car when you got it. We found them very professional and no problems whatsoever. It cost us €380 for 2 weeks with transfers and car hire in the summer.


21 Sep 2015 11:29:

Thanks for the info. So we could go for 6-12 months initially without having all the hassle of form filling etc until we decide it is for us and we want to stay. So would it be best to get private healthcare in that time before declaring tax and then going onto free healthcare for him as he is pensionable? Would we still need an NIE number in the trial period? Is there anything we need to do in that trial period? Or just use it as an extended holiday. Also, how long are you allowed a UK registered car there? Thanks

Thread: Hello all, moving to spain and rent long term, and pension advice please.

20 Sep 2015 20:10:

Hi mariedav, no I won't have an income but we will have some savings that will support us both for a good 10 years. . Do you know what the allowance is for a couple please. We initially want to try it out for 6months to a year,  to see if its what we want, so would we have to declare pensions etc straight away. Would he be taxed on his NHS pension too? 

Thread: Hello all, moving to spain and rent long term, and pension advice please.

20 Sep 2015 18:51:

Hello everyone,

We are a couple from Newcastle who are gathering info as we are thinking of moving to spain next year. I am under pension age but my partner receives a UK state pension and 2 smaller private pensions, one being an NHS one. Totalling around £1100 per month. The taxation system baffles us and wonder what we would be taxed on this income over in Spain? Also, we have a property here, not worth much but our student granddaughter would be living here rent free whilst at Uni for the next 5 years. 

Its all so overwhelming and confusing so we are hoping you lovely guys over in Spain can guide us in the right direction...thanks everyone in advance x

Thread: Hello all, moving to spain and rent long term, and pension advice please.


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