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05 Jun 2013 17:36:

Sorry Elaine, I did misunderstand!! Thanks for clarifying!!


Thread: Gestorial services before we go?

05 Jun 2013 16:07:

Thanks for the info.  :-)

The surname issue I do need to know about though as I want her new name to be recognised by the Spanish authorities for school enrolment in Spain


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This message was last edited by BB1977 on 05/06/2013.
Thread: Gestorial services before we go?

05 Jun 2013 15:02:

Hi Maria,

We have so many questions and things that need clarifying.

1.  The biggest issue is health care.  I already have a thread on this in the "Healthcare in Spain" subforum.  Already there is conflicting advice!  Please take a look, but basically I need to know can we pay voluntarily into the social security system to enable us to have state provided healthcare? (2 adults under 40 and 2 young children).  We will not be working in Spain. 

2.  We will be renting out 1 or 2 properties in the UK.  Do we pay tax on this income in the UK only or Spain only? 

3.  What is the latest we could register a child at school (7 years old)

4.  We had my daughters surname legally changed in this country (by court order), however I believe this would not be recognised in Spain, how would this effect enrolment in school and other registrations (e.g. her birth certificate surname differs from her passport (legal) name..

So many more question but If you can help or point me in the right direction that would be great.



Thread: Gestorial services before we go?

05 Jun 2013 14:46:

Thanks for your input guslopez.

This is what we thought by becoming autonomo you would have to demonstrate a viable legit business / self employment of some sort.

"Under the new health rules registering after 24th April 2012 there is an option to pay voluntarily into the system & they did announce it would be set up soon.That's a Spanish "soon" of course."

This is interesting but like you say when is "soon"?  :-/

As I orginally said this issue is such a stumbling block!!  I need some definitive info!!

Thread: Paying voluntarily into social security?

05 Jun 2013 13:58:

Ha Ha thanks Elaine,  this is our fear!! 

The charges are amazing.  A fee for signing up 500-900 euros. They then charge about 2.5% of the final purchase price of a property they find you which sounded fair enough for our budget, but I've been reading the small print and they actually make a minimum charge of 4500-5000 euros!!!

I think now I would only use one of these agents if they came very highly recommended.  5000 euros is a hell of a lot of money for doing something we can do ourselves!!


Thread: Has anyone used a buying agent?


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